Monday Motivation – Your Best Motivation Quotes 6

Your Best Motivation Quotes
Best Motivational Quotes 6


If your work schedule is from Monday to Friday, then Friday around 5pm is an awesome time. It’s the start of a couple days off, waking up when you want and hanging with friends and family. Then something happens around 3pm on Sunday… you start thinking about Monday and going back to the five day work week. 

For most, that’s the cycle, 5 days on and 2 days off with the occasional holiday. 

Monday mornings can be brutal as we stare down the calendar, waiting for Friday to get here to start the process all over again. Typically the smallest thing can make a day brighter, Small things here and there, a smile, someone holding the door for you, someone letting you get in front of them while driving, etc…
Another, small but powerful is our language. Something a small as a cool quote can bring some hope for the week. 

Today’s Monday and I have compiled 5 of your Best Motivational Quotes below. 
These are FROM YOU and I would love FOR YOU to continue to feed this Motivation Train. 

Thank you Robert Frank

Thank you Sandie Nielson

Thank you Sara Spangler

Thank you Julie Syl Kalunig

Thank you Kenny Santos

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10 thoughts on “Monday Motivation – Your Best Motivation Quotes 6

  1. Julie Syl Kalungi

    Wow what an Honour to have a piece of my favorie words shared on your amazing platform Steve! I appreciate you bro. Love all of today's quotes too!

  2. Juanita

    Hi Steve,
    I really enjoy these posts. It is nice seeing the thoughts and wisdom of our community.

    Thanks for the dose of motivation. 🙂

  3. Rory Singh

    Thank you for all the quotes Steve! Love Martin Luther King jr – Very powerful Man and message!

  4. Rory Singh

    Thank you for all the quotes Steve! Love Martin Luther King jr – Very powerful Man and message!

  5. Lynn Brown

    Oh this is a great idea Steve to incorporate people’s quotes and I also appreciate the Martin Luther King, Jr. quote as well. Being inspired and motivated throughout the day is a great way to keep that positive mindset rolling. Thanks for sharing!

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