MLM Success Blockers – Those Closest To You

People pointing towards a senior business manSo, you start your very own home business and start your journey towards that ever elusive MLM success… You can’t wait to talk to everyone you know about this new venture. You’re so excited that you throw all the “What not to say” phrases right out the window, thinking to yourself “It’s my best-friend, brother, sister, father, etc…” they’ll get it. Then you actually open your mouth and talk to them.



They are sharing your excitement for about 15 seconds and then the reservation in the face starts, the arms fold and they lean back in their chair. It’s over and YOU BLEW IT!

The chatter in your head starts. “I can’t believe they would say no” or “It’s me, what the heck? Don’t they trust my judgement?”   What you don’t realize is this. That rejection, has nothing to do with you, your company, comp plan, product or anything like that. It’s their limiting beliefs in anything bigger than The Norm. The “You need money to make money” mentality. Their idea of a residual income is sinking $1,000,000 with the expectation of getting $10,000 a month. Don’t laugh, I have heard this examples from a Real Estate course that I went through.  In the meantime, you just met people that have created a 6 figure income from an investment of under $500.00.

So, why are the ones closest to you so rough, sometimes downright mean? Well, they were told by their cousins, uncle’s brothers friend who knew guy who did one of those things and it didn’t work for them therefore it must be bad.

This is why it’s difficult to swallow. We need acceptance by our peers and when they disapprove, it’s devastating and why wouldn’t it be. The words are coming from the people that we love.

I am here to say that it isn’t you. The example above, though funny, is true. Those that judge you and what you are doing, most likely have no personal experience in what you are doing. Either that or it was so long ago, that the point is null. Most people these days will go by what others say, what they think they know or by what they find on the internet. When all they would have to do is ask you. The issue with asking you is, they may be wrong about you and have to admit it. So, it’s easier to look at what ever negative there is and tell you that you are wasting your time, money and efforts and that IT ONLY WORKS for a small percentage of people.

The harsh truth, true MLM Success only hits for a small percentage of people LOL. Do you know why? I’ll tell you, they quit. Mostly because the people closest to them “Block” them at every turn. The true MLM Success stories are from those that have a vision of what they are made of and won’t let anyone or anything get in their way. Is that you?!

Are you that person who is going to step up and be the example of greatness and prove that MLM Success exists?


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“To your legacy”


Steve Krivda

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2 thoughts on “MLM Success Blockers – Those Closest To You

  1. Robert David Strong

    Hi Steve,

    Oh yeah, I think that all of us have been in that position once or twice at the very beginning, but the great thing about it is that we move forward, we learn and start actually helping people….and it is not all about us anymore!

    Great post as always, looking forward to the next one!

    While I have never had anyone that I knew be downright mean, they would go talk to other family members behind my back….that’s ok though!

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