MLM Success – Toy R Us and Bedtime

spidermanMLM Success and what we can learn from our kids.

Mommmm!!!! Can I get the new Spiderman Action Figure?You know the setting, you’re in Toy r Us and either your own children or someone elses child(ren) are asking for the newest and hottest toy. The answer is normally “NO!” and then they ask again “But Mo-o-o-ommm, Johnny has one and he never lets me play with it” Still the answer is “NO”. Here comes strategy number 3. Please Mom, I’ve been really good and I won’t ask for anything else and I’ll be super good. Boom, now the Mom is mad. “I said NO”. Then comes strategy number 4…the breakdown, right in the middle of the store and as we all know, this never EVER works.

Same goes for bedtime. Our little boys are pretty good, they listen (most of the time) and don’t put up much fuss. But when it comes to bedtime, the negotiations start. One more “Little Bear”, “Can we read a book” and/or “I forgot that I need to do this one more thing” LOL. Pretty funny. You get the point.

The point here is this. What happened to us as we grew up? In the two examples above, I shared how a child was relentless with going for what he/she wanted. No, wasn’t an option until all avenues were exhausted. They knew what they wanted for a final result and went all out and it didn’t matter who was around to see. Now that we are adults, we let, what we think people will think of us, put a big wedge between our Goals and our Current Position.

I share a little more in the video below.

Imagine if you approached your business like a child looking to get something from their parent. Imagine if you had that sort of drive. Imagine the amount MLM Success you could pull from a child perseverance.
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