MLM Tips and Video Campaigns

MLM Tips and Video Campaigns

What great way can you reach your target market audience? What way can you connect with them on a personal level? Through video. Video has a huge mlm pitchingadvantage to it…you can’t fake it. You can’t sit behind a computer screen and type up some magically, well thought out article. You are actually sitting in front of a camera for the whole world to see. AND you are seen for who you really are and people can see right through the inauthenticity, straight away. You’re there man, all up in the bedroom, TV room, den, office, etc…

That being said, I have been watching a lot of ‘others’ videos lately and there are a few tips that may

help those future video marketers.

MLM Tips for your videos or maybe I should call it MLM NO-NOs.

Avoid being a A New York Yankees Pitcher, Lead with Value Value Value

It’s not cool to Exaggerate your results

Promising the Moon, when you all you have is a piece of cheese.

Not sure what I mean with all of that haha? Watch the video below and see what I mean.


I hope you got some value out of that. If so, let me know.


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