MLM Success – Motivating and Retaining Your Team

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You’re enrolling people and your team is growing. This is exactly what you have been dreaming about since you first started your business. They are happy with your product and the company and what a relief. Now you have a pressure of what to do with your new people or shall we say a perceived pressure of what to do with the new people. Believe it or not, this is a common issue among network marketers. In fact, I have spoken to several people lately, this is what is holding them back from talking with certain people in their circle of influence and growing their team.

MLM Success – Motivating and Retaining Your Team

Seems simple enough right? Just have to get a training platform like goto webinar, start a blog and put some training material up on that, then open a Youtube account and start putting together training videos and essentially be on call 24/7 for your team to call you with guidance, assistance and for three way calls. Piece of cake.
Fortunately enough, that just isn’t true and thank the good Lord above. I want to stop working my full time JOB so I can send more time with the family, not less.

MLM Success -What do you do to grow your peeps?

I’m going to lay it out here and keep it simple. First things first, you don’t have to hold anyone’s hand. That’s just crazy talk and anyone that expects that sort of coddling, will unfortunately not make it and undoubtedly blame you for their failures. That’s not just from my experience, that is from the 7 figure earners that I have interviewed.

Training: The absolutely biggest and best thing you can do with your team is to train them up right. Use the systems that are in place, by your company and get your new team mate plugged in. Spending time with them at this point, is the cool thing to do to make sure they understand what they just went over. This is cool because, it’s easy for them to show their new teammates and so on. Very simple to duplicate.

REMEMBER this, we are in a do as I do industry. You don’t want to tell your new people to do something that you aren’t doing or have done. This will eliminate all your credibility.

Motivating: Go out and do what you have told you team to do and enroll people. This makes the system real and show’s that it works. You keep enrolling people and your team will start to follow your lead and do what you do. I personally have a question and answer session, about once a week with our team. I used to teach on how to get leads and such. There is only so much you can teach people on lead generation. Now we just hang out with each other for about an hour and practice “The System” that has been put into place by our company. Are the weekly calls necessary – No. I do them because they are fun for me LOL

I told you I was going to keep it simple and honestly, it is that simple. I have already gone down the difficult path so, take it from me and many MANY of the Major Players in the industry – Plug your team into the system and keep enrolling. Your team will either Follow, Start Leading their own team or just Get Out Of The Way.


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4 thoughts on “MLM Success – Motivating and Retaining Your Team

  1. Robert David Strong

    Hi Steve,

    I am glad that you bring up to do as you want your team to do, and that is exactly as I do….I blog ( well should be doing it more often, kinda been slacking a little) and I do a little bit of paid advertising…

    When you tell someone to make 90 videos in 90 days and you have not or are not doing it….well why should they either….if it works so well…you do it!

    Great post and to the point….


    1. admin Post author

      Thank you for being authentic
      I appreciate that Robert, thanks bro

  2. William Cosentino

    This is the truth. I think the biggest struggle is people duplicating what you do. When you approach them, the first thing they think is "can I do what they are doing". And with all this fancy internet marketing "stuff", it's so cloudy and confusing that people immediately stop because of the overwhelming amount of info, etc. But if you keep it super simple, then there's a better chance.

    1. admin Post author

      Awesome man. You are spot on bro.

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