MLM Success – Keeping Your Head Up When It’s Tough

IMG_8785 Ever ask yourself

Is It Worth It?

I am going to get pretty real in this article about the ups and downs of our industry. Bear with me, I’m going to dive into my own ride, this is going to be fun.
There is no MLM Success without the ups and downs of a traditional business. I figured that I would get out of the way straight away.

That being said
, the sort of roller coaster you ride is completely up to you.

In beginning of this journey you are pretty cranked…telling everyone about this great thing you came across. For some reason, they aren’t seeing your vision and you start getting some people telling you no and that those things never work, etc…
This totally bums you out but you are keep going because that’s what you expected.

Then BAM! you get your first “YES”

are Jacked again… using this energy to carry you on through your next batch of No’s. This time something happens, someone close to them poo-poos on their parade.
You didn’t expect them to say yes BUT certainly didn’t expect to be put down. Weeeeeee, down that coaster to the bottom. This time, it’s a little harder to get through this one. It even stops you from talking to people for a day or two.

It’s alright
, this is normal and so are you. Before I get into getting past this funk, let’s get to back to the person who put you there. I have mentioned this before in previous articles and I feel that it’s worth saying again.
What someone says about you is never about you. When people put you down, it’s about their self esteem, their past experiences and THEIR opinions. It would be no different than someone telling you that they don’t like the shirt you’re wearing. In other words, it doesn’t matter.

, how do you get out of the funk? It’s actually quite an easy equation. Earlier in the article, we talked about that feeling that you felt…Cranked and telling everyone. You have to go back to that moment. You can do this by tapping into others in your company, go to an event, jump on a call, re-watch the presentation, etc…

are all good thing but the best thing you to get right back in the saddle and continue with what you are doing. Call someone, even if they say no. It’s not the point.
The point is to create activity in you.
Sitting there like the guy in the picture above isn’t going to do anything for your bank account. Write an article, shoot a video, anything to produce some forward motion. Sitting stagnant will only perpetuate itself to your own destruction.

What would if you owned a conventional business and stopped advertising because one person didn’t like your products? It would surely die.

I know this because it was me not too long ago. You must continue to be in action at all times and you will win.

The ones that lose are the ones that give up and THAT’S NOT YOU IS IT?

Remember this, one of my favorite quotes from my good friend.


“The ability to say woe is me, shows the abundance of inactivity”
~Ray Higdon


“Because You’re Worth It”


Steve Krivda

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  1. Steve Murray

    Good advice Steve. That's me at the moment. Just can't seem to get back into it after lots of people saying yes & then getting cold feet. It won't happen if I just sit back & do nothing!

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for being real Steve.
      Keep rocking bro

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