MLM Success – Becoming Bulletproof

MLM Success – Becoming Bulletproof



Everyone wants to be huge, to get the recognition, to stand above…You Know – To Make It!  It takes a “Real” kind of person to make it in this industry. You might even say that you need to be bulletproof.
Why would I say that? I mean come on, network marketers are always so positive and happy. Besides, they don’t truly care, they are nothing but head hunters, always on the look out to make money off of their friends and family. That’s the stigma, right. The whole edifying each other is just a fake ploy to look good to other “NON” Network Marketers. I have heard it all.

Okay, so the truth about it all. If you are in this industry, you might be a bit frustrated about what you just read, with the exception of a small percentage, it’s just not true. It’s crazy that even the people that have known me for years, have labeled me like that. It used to bother me until I came to the following conclusion.

In order to hit that MLM success you are looking for, you do have to be bulletproof. The truth is, all the above labels are common from the people that we love. We get told that we are scammers, con artists, told “No” by 80%+ of the people we talk to and cheats…all about something we have absolute passion about. It’s tough and it does take a toll on you, to be positive is a daily struggle for most network marketers. But we keep on trucking, knowing that it’s all worth it in the end.

Becoming Bulletproof.
Here’s something that you may not know about the ones that give you grief. It’s not about you, not about your business and not about what you represent. How can someone look at the same thing you looked at that made your socks curl in your shoes and give it the big thumbs down? It’s an easy answer – you have to look at the way that person is living their life. It’s more than likely that they live in a life of skepticism and borderline negativity. Maybe they had a brother that had a bad experience in the industry, who knows…But know this, it’s not about you and you shouldn’t take it personally.

Getting a “No” from someone has nothing to do with you personally. It just means that the industry isn’t right for them or it’s just not the right time in their lives. It has nothing to do with trusting you or anything like that. Let me tell you that, it’s not the easiest thing to do but you can do it and here’s how.

You know that list that you made or at least were supposed to make? This is where it comes in handy. When someone tells you “NO” and you have another 20-50 people to talk to, that one “NO” doesn’t matter. Having a couple of people on your list will make every “NO” heart breaking and you WILL start putting a story on your perceived failures and start believing that “This doesn’t work”

So…It’s not about you, keep your list growing and I’ll see you at the top.

You can and will be Bulletproof, keep moving forward and know that every single “NO” that goes by, leads to that “YES”


“To your legacy”


Steve Krivda

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4 thoughts on “MLM Success – Becoming Bulletproof

  1. Robert David Strong

    Hey Steve,

    Great video man, and it is a message that even as a marketer that has been doing this for awhile, I need to hear once in awhile….

    I think that we have all heard from our friends and family that….oh it’s a scam, you should feel bad because you are taking advantage of people….

    We have to put on our armor and keep moving forward!

    Is there any other training that you can think of that would help someone with this mindset change….books, audios or videos?

  2. Sharon Phenes

    Thanks for this post Steve. I was just talking with you about the No's and this really put things in perspective.

    1. admin Post author

      Cool Sharon, thanks for coming by

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