MLM Success – Why You Are Motivated and Getting Real

It’s not joke that you can reach that MLM success you desire, if you stick to it. You see it all the time, all around you, all while you stand there scratching success babyyour head. It can be a very frustrating journey and it’s a huge reason why people up and quit. You can admit it, you have been there before… we all have.

This is going to get real at the end. Might be offensive to some.

It’s the same thing over and over again. Have you made a list, who have you talked to lately, what events have you attended, etc… “It takes persistence and consistency”

But you already know all this right?


MLM Success need a strong “Why” and right now you are saying to yourself  “I have a strong Why”. Maybe you can identify with some of these reason Why you do what you do.

*You don’t get to see your children that much

*You are on your way to losing house.

*You are tired of struggling paycheck to paycheck.

*You work 100 hours a week and something has to change.

*You don’t see enough of your family.

*You want to get your spouse out of the high stress job.

You get the point – that everybody has something that puts them in front of the computer at night. And I get it, those things are pretty important to you. Now let’s go through the things that are holding you back from greatness.


What’s Stopping your from your own MLM Success

*You don’t want to call all those people on your list or in your phone, due to fear.

*You can’t quite get up the courage to talk to your friend that you see every day because you aren’t sure what they will say about you.

*You are afraid someone might tell you “No”

I am sure that you can identify with the three examples I gave above and here is where I am going to get real with you. YOU are more Afraid of what someone might think about you than all those “Whys” we talked about in the beginning. Having someone tell you “No” is way worse that spending extra time with your son or daughter.

I may have stepped on some toes here but if you want the type of MLM Success that will give you the things in life you desire, then you need to step of to the plate and put the Pride away. Put the mediocre in you to the side and be that amazing person that you exists inside of you. Pick up the phone and represent your team, your Home Team and create the greatness you deserve.

Fear isn’t real, Fear is manufactured in your head and you can overcome it…You can overcome anything, if you put your mind to it.



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“To your legacy”


Steve Krivda


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2 thoughts on “MLM Success – Why You Are Motivated and Getting Real

  1. Greg Agustin Jr.

    Great inspirational post Steve! You are absolutely right… once you get clear on your why, the obstacles aren’t as big as they would seem compared to the reasons you are pursuing this industry!

    Awesome post…

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