MLM Prospecting and Kids

MLM Prospecting and Kids

This short training comes from a conversation I had with one of my team mates. She was frustrated that the prospect she was talking to, just didn’t get it. He just kept telling her that Network Marketing doesn’t work. She informed him that she was making money and had the checks to prove it. No matter what she said, he kept saying that nobody makes money. I laughed while she was telling me this story, as I know that she is a success. I also asked why she wasted her time with him. She just said he bothered her. As she agreed, I said for her to just “Let it go”.

What does MLM Prospecting and Kids have to do with each other?

Well, the story above made me think of another person I know that doesn’t aspire to have or even really like children. Having two wonderful boys of my own, I am appalled at the opinion LOL. Who wouldn’t like kids? I love my boys and wouldn’t change my life for anything, even though I have the most stress I have ever had, the lease amount of sleep ever.

Here’s the thing…Children aren’t for everyone and I will say, most shouldn’t have kids. It goes the same when you are prospecting. You have to understand that Network Marketing isn’t for everyone and rightfully so. Geez, I have told people not to get into Network Marketing because they don’t have what it takes.

MLM Prospecting and Kids?

Neither are for everyone and you shouldn’t try to convince anyone to get into Network Marketing or Parenthood.

Check it out, I even illustrated it like a Kid Pyramid Scheme.

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