MLM Mindset and Your Fear of Success

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MLM Mindset and Your Fear of Success

I was calling leads back a few weeks ago and called a (now friend) lead back, her name was Kathy. Right away we hit it off, you know how it goes. It was like we had been friends and we were now talking shop. The conversation went for a while and of course I ask what she did for work. The answer I received wasn’t what I thought. You see, she had left her J.O.B. to become a network marketer and was looking for someone to help her.

I want you to understand something, I have coached people for a long time now. The ones that listen, do well, the ones that don’t – crash and burn. I had never been in the situation where my understudy was going to be reliant on the advice that I was going to give her, for her income.

At first, I was a little intimidated, I almost sent her to one of my uplines. I thought, whoa…that’s a lot of responsibility. Then I got pissed at myself and actually offended myself with my thoughts. Took her on the team, introduced her to a bunch of our team mates and away she is going.

It was the first time I almost backed away from someone. I am not the type of guy who takes that sort of reaction lightly so, I decided to do some research. It appears that it happens to other people too. They start having success and they don’t want to tell anyone. They don’t want the added responsibility.

You have to have the right mindset – The MLM Mindset of Success.

Many people fear success because it is a new realm of responsibilities. You are thinking PU-LEASE, right? Let me put it to you this way. When you hit the big time, you will have hundreds or even thousands of people under you, looking up. Looking to you for leadership, tips, strategies, inspiration, etc… You will get calls all day long and even at night. There are a lot of people that fear this.

You have to be prepared to take this head on, tackle it and help it up when you are done. I’m not writing this to put a bad stigma on Success but, to inform you. You need to know that aspect of success. Embrace it and become the shining start you and I both know you are. Rise to the top of the mountain, plant the Flag and call it your own.

To me, it’s selfish to keep your success to yourself. Tell it to the world, share YOUR story and give other the tools and the hope of reaching the success you have.

In my searches, I came across a poem written by Marianne Williamson. It was so awesome, I decided to narrate it for myself. Check out the video below.

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