MLM Insider Tips on THE PHONE

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MLM Insider Tips on THE PHONE

The phone is probably one of the scariest things for people to handle. It’s pretty hilarious, if you think about it. The phone is free, full of leads and typically within reach. Some people are more willing to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to learn to market online, just to avoid picking up the phone to talk to their warm market.

MLM Insider Tips – Beating the Phone Fear

Stop looking at the outcome and look at the NOW. Let me explain…most people are so focused on signing someone up that it comes across in the conversation. It will kill your posture. What you want to focus on is the now of the conversation.

Connect with the person you are talking to. Don’t EAR/PHONE spam them.  Ask them how they are doing, what they have been up to, how’s the family, etc…  Listen to them and they will tell you how to proceed with the conversation.

Remember, you as a network marketer, are a problem solver. Listen for the problem, sympathize with them and offer the solution – YOUR BUSINESS.  Once you make your offer, you need to be off the phone within 20-25 seconds. Direct them to a video, CD, pamphlet, etc… Let the tools do the explaining. Let them know that you need to get going because you have an appt to get to but will send them the information as soon as you get to your computer.

VERY IMPORTANT: Set an appt. and call them back on that set time and ask them if they watched it.

No: Tell them “That’s cool, you have a few more people to call but will call them back” Set new appt.

No 2nd time: Still cool, but you have a bunch more people that are looking to make a change in their lives. Tell them to look at the info that you sent them and tell them this “Give me a call when you have reviewed the information”    If you continue to make appt after appt, all that will happen is for them to tell you NO.

Yes, awesome…”What did you like best about what you saw” Let them answer, agree and repeat 2-3 more times. NEXT. “Well, sounds like you are ready to get started”  If they are still hesitating, remind them of the 3-4 things they like best and how it will help them solve their problems/issues.

Go back to “Sounds like you are ready to get started”  Ask them if they are in front of their and get them signed up while you are on the phone.

That’s pretty much it. Painless right?

I outlined this in a little more detail, in the video below.

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