MLM Branding | Why It’s Vital To Your Survival

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MLM Branding | Why It’s Vital To Your Survival

You’re sitting at home, chilling with your family, just finished eating. You go over and watch a little bit of TV before you start the bedtime routine. It’s an awesome night, you get the kids to bed without ‘much’ fuss. Now it’s time to get some work done before it’s your turn to hit the sack. You turn on your computer, log in to Facebook and you see all these message and emails telling you that your Network Marketing company is in trouble and it looks like it’s going to be shutting the doors. You freak out of course. This is your livelihood, your income, what you support your family with. What are you going to do? You built your whole empire around that company.

That’s a scary thought. If you are known as the “Juice Guy/Girl”, the “Powder Person” or the “Silver Slayer” LOL, then it’s time to change your MO.

This is where MLM Branding comes in to play.

You don’t want people to know you JUST for your company. It’s cool of them to know you from your company but, you don’t want that to be the only think they know you for.

Just like the example above, you would be poop out of luck. The person up above was relying on their company and not themselves. Getting a good reputation is something that you need to work on, cherish, baby a little until it matures and has its own presence.

Check this example of branding, while it’s not MLM branding, it is branding at its finest.

For almost my whole life, my dad has been in the automobile industry. At a very young age, he owned Krivda Motor Sales, which he sold back in 1987 when we moved to Southwest Florida. From there he worked at an Oldsmobile/Mazda dealership for several years. Here’s where it gets interesting. He left that establishment after a few years and ended up at a Cadillac Dealership in the same town.

He practiced what he preached to my brother and I…That’s to treat people with respect, deal in honesty and help people when you can. Because of this mantra, he developed quite a clientele ,a loyal clientele. Down here in SWFla, people buy cars every 2-3 years. His clients when back to dealership #1, found out he wasn’t there anymore and found him at dealership #2. Eventually, he left that place and went to a few other places before settling in at the place where he is now.

Did you see what happened there, his clients followed him around from dealership to dealership because they knew that they would be treated with honesty and fairness. They didn’t seem to mind the Mfg of automobile but, more of the person they were dealing with.

He branded himself and didn’t even know it, pretty cool.

There IS NO difference between that and network marketing. Since most of us don’t have years to establish our own MLM Brand, we need a kick start, that’s where I come in. I show you a system that is specific to MLM Branding. You will be branded as a leader, once you are at that point, you will be followed to the ends of the Earth by your team/teams.

“But, I’m new to the industry Steve” It doesn’t matter how new you are, this system can turn a newbie into a Guru in no time flat.
Click Here Now to Find Such a Vehicle, unless you are happy with where you are in business and feel that you could leave and your team would follow, no questions asked.

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“To your legacy”


Steve Krivda

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5 thoughts on “MLM Branding | Why It’s Vital To Your Survival

  1. William

    Steve, love that analogy of your father, really makes sense!
    Also love the “guy/gal who sells juice”…it really is about selling yourself in this industry. Too much pitching and it needs to calm down in my opinion.

    Thanks for the great write up!

    my latest post:

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    1. admin Post author

      No problem, glad you liked it

  3. Robert David Strong

    Hi Steve,

    Great story, and it is so true, people will follow and be loyal to people that are honest, and do the right thing. It does not matter if you are selling toothbrushes or 2 million dollar yachts. If you build a clientele following, they will follow you, because they know that you are an above the board person and have their best interests in mind.

    Thank you for sharing and look forward to another great post!

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks Robert, You Get it Man. Awesome

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