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02-19-18 Labels of Limitations

02-12-18 Patience… Does It Apply

02-05-18 The Burning Question That Defines Your Future

01-22-18 Failure vs Success – Same Thing?

01-15-18 Creating a Perfect Life

01-08-18 The Power of Choice

01-01-18 My Apologies, The Recording Didn’t Take

12-25-17 Quick Christmas Message For You

12-18-17 Are You Perceiving This?

12-11-17 Crushing 2018 In Three Steps

12-04-17 Formula For Getting “Lucky”

11-27-17 Getting “Un-Stuck”~The Real Issue?

11-20-17 4 Steps To Greatness

11-13-17 Are You Optimizing Your Day?

11-06-17 Claiming Your Own!

10-30-17 Out Of Town This Week

10-23-17 Success In Three Steps – Fired Up!!!

10-16-17 Decisions vs Choices…On The Right Path?

10-09-17 Are You Amateur or Professional?

10-02-17 Why Most Don’t Succeed

09-25-17 Are You For Real?

09-18-17 No Cell Service In SW Florida

09-11-17 Perspective

09-04-17 Labor Day and Dictating Your Worth

08-28-17 Procrastination and Overwhelmed

08-21-17 Fear and Doubt <– Crushed

07-31-17 Straight “Increase”

07-24-17 Plateaued? We’ll See About That…

07-17-17 What Level Are You Playing?!

07-10-17 Want 100% Everyday?

 07-03-17 Where’s Your Fight?

06-26-17 What Does This Mean To You?

06-19-17 Where Are You Today

06-12-17 How To Achieve Any Goal

06-05-17 Where Is Your Fear Coming From?

05-29-17 Impossible ~ Improbably – Inevitable 

05-22-17 Why Does This Happen? (Happy Anniversary To Us)

05-15-17 Are You Living Linear?

05-08-17 Battery Life Drained?

05-01-17 Got Some Pimples?

04-24-17 Victory Is Mine

04-17-17 4 Steps To Living Your Goals

04-03-17 Irrational Claims

03-27-17 What’s Your Intention?

03-20-19 At Conference – No Call This Week

03-13-19 Why? What’s Your Motivation?

03-06-19 Personal Responsibility/Justifiable Excuses

02-27-17 Your Ideal Self

02-20-17 What’s Attractive

02-13-17  (4) Ways To Change The World

02-06-17 What’s Your Deal?

No Call Today (30,000′ in the air) 01-30-17

01-23-17 Being Blind Sinded With Life

The Guy On A Train 01-16-17

Is THIS necessary To Win? 01-09-17

What Illusion Do You Believe? 12-12-16

What Are You Perceiving? 12-05-16

It Goes Both Ways 11-28-16

Where Do You Put Your Value? 11-21-16

The Perpetual Motion Of Our Mind 11-14-16

You Might Not Be Ready For This and Why 11-07-16

Resistance Sucks 10-31-16

What Are You Listening To? 10-24-16

Handling Breakdowns 10-17-16

The Inner Voices 10-10-16

Fighting To The Death 09-26-16

Is It Okay To Be Fed Up? 09-19-16

Making An Impact-Lesson From Dave Matthews 09-12-16

Recording Wasn’t On!! 09-05-16

Is Struggle Necessary? 08-29-16

Number “Thing” You Need For Success-Anywhere 08-22-16

Does It All Truly Matter? 08-15-16
I apologize for the sound quality. Not sure what happened

Ever Crash And Burn? Today You’ll Stand Tall! 08-08-16

Not Where You Want To Be So Far This Year? 07-25-16

The Power To Achieve 07-18-16

How’s That Working Out For You? 07-11-16

The Fourth Of July Means…07-04-16

Someone Told You “Gotta Case Of The Mondays” 06-27-16

What If…<What are your dots> 06-20-16

How To Crush The State Of Worry 06-13-16

Being Right or The Right Thing – What’s Important? 06-06-16

Happy Memorial Day 05-30-16

Are You Under Valuing Yourself? 05-23-16

How To Roll A Square Wheel 05-16-16

How To Stop “Freakin Out” 05-09-16

How To Lead An Unstoppable You 05-02-16

How Emotions Make Us Irrational 04-25-16

Justifiable Resistance? 04-18-16

Where’s The Real Motivation? 04-04-16

What To Do If An Extra Day Off Comes Up 03-28-16

Why We Think The Way We Do 03-21-16

Where Does Responsibility Fall? 03-14-16

Excuses, Greatness and Other’s Opinions 03-07-16

Coming Down Off A High 02-29-16

Professional Resistance 02-22-16

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“Because You’re Worth It”


Steve Krivda


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20 thoughts on “

  1. Robert Strong

    Hey Steve,

    I like how you bring up worrying – I love the saying that “Worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it does not get you anywhere.”

    We totally have control over what we worry about, and I have really been focusing on not worrying about stuff, and focusing on what I can control at the time.

    Great audio! Thank you so much for sharing –


    I like how you mention that if we worry about 1 thing, it starts compounding – so true !


    I’m so happy and grateful that……

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you so much Robert, that means a lot!!

  2. Kimberly Domke

    I set a calendar reminder because no way will I start another week without this kind of mindset for my week. I listened to the Justifying my circumstances….boy I think Steve spoke directly to me…just what I needed to hear…. No more excuses…I have to be the best I was created to BE. Thanks Steve for your passion for others…and putting that same passion in me. Blessings.

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Thank you Kimberly…that means a lot 🙂

  3. Heather Bruns

    Thanks Steve! I love starting out my week with your call. Such simple approaches to make big differences in our lives! I loved the make a choice, make a list and attack the list one item at a time! I’ve already started my list, I know it will help me be more consistent!

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      that’s so awesome to hear Heather. Glad you like these

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  7. Mitchell Jones

    That was an awesome call on procrastination! My big takeaway this morning – MY LIFE IS IN MY HANDS! Thank you for being you! You are appreciated.

  8. Kimberly Domke

    Another one I didn't feel like I had time for….I was procrasinating…and glad I didn't and won't again. Just the swift kick in the reminder to start my week off great. Steve your compassion you have for everyone reflects in your words and attitude. Thanks for keeping it real.

  9. Priscilla McMillan

    Steve, Great call on procrastination. What a great reminder to embrace our greatness and share us with others. We have a choice and taking ownership and moving towards our goals will get us there a whole lot faster than wading in the pool procrastination.

    Thanks again.

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Thank you Priscilla. Love this comment!!

  10. Kimberly Domke

    So happy I tuned in because I needed the focus on my thinking redirected. Thanks for the reminder and so happy to start my week with such impact. Thanks for your passion and support. Blessings


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