MindSet Training Free Ray Higdons Vibrational Money Immersion

Mindset Training and Ray Higdons Vibrational Money ImmersionMindset Training with Ray Higdons Vibrational Money Immersion

Reflect back to the year 2000, around December.  Life was great, I was 27 years old, a rehab therapist, making a bunch of money and single. I had a blast living on the Naples Bay and was in tremendous shape – Yes, I had abs.

On December 31st, I went out on the town to bring in the New Year. This is something I had never “Really” done before. You see, I was an introvert. I was the overweight kid in school. Needless to say, by the end of the night, I knew just about everyone at the club. I woke up Jan 1st 2001 a new person.

Next came my birthday on the 6th of February. I wanted to be with my family: Mom, Dad, Nan and Brother and that’s exactly what happened. My family were my BEST FRIENDS and we always had fun together. I am and always will be a Momma’s Boy. I was on cloud nine, untouchable and…  unstoppable.

Well, on February 13th, My Mom died. My entire life as I knew it, fell apart. I had never felt so empty in my life. The Rock that held my family together was gone and so was my Best Friend.

“Steve” was also gone.

10 years later, I was still struggling, when I had won an audio series from my good friend, Ray Higdon. I didn’t listen to it for months LOL shhh, don’t tell him, LOL.

Anyway, one weekend, I was on the road to a convention for the company I am with and in the scramble to find a good CD, I found Ray’s Vibrational Money Immersion. So, I popped it in. To say how grateful I am for this audio would be an understatement. I didn’t realize how far I had fallen from that guy I knew back in 2000-2001. It was affecting my marriage, my relationship with my son, my business and the people around me. The “Steve” was still there, he was just hiding like a frightened boy, hiding from everything. I was afraid to love, have success and to be happy.  I was afraid that if you start enjoying life and having fun, it all will be taken away from me again. In my mind, it was better to just “BE”

Alright, now to the for the results.

This audio series has helped Eliminate The Following:

Anxiety Attacks

Eliminated Most Fears

Immense Sadness

Helped me EMBRACE Happiness

Helped me EMBRACE Success

STOP Worrying About Every Little Thing

Start Having Success All Around My Life: Marriage, being a dad, being a friend to people and my business has Taken Off

Since then I have listened to this 15 week series over a dozen times and by the Grace of God I’m in the best place of my life, then ever before.
My marriage is stronger than when we were dating.
So strong that later that year, we decided to have another baby.
Now we have two sons.
My business is the most successful than ever and LIFE IS GOOD!

I thank you Ray Higdon, for this series and owe you a lifetime of gratitude. You are a gift from God.

“Steve” is back baby and he is AWESOME

I received special permission from Ray to GIVE you…
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NO STEVE!! I’m tired of where I am. Keep your freebie. I’m going to




Fast Action Bonus #1: Fiji Money Acceptance
This never before released audio was recorded in Fiji by Ray, it goes into great detail on why so many people struggle with the simple acceptance of wealth. Retail Value – $39

Fast Action Bonus #2: Almost Lost Law of Attraction Audio
Ray was asked to speak at a Center for Spiritual Living and revealed some of the most powerful secrets when it comes to attracting what you want in your life (including lots of money!) This is one of Ray’s original recordings from YEARS AGO. Retail Value – $39

Fast Action Bonus #3: Lifetime Access to our Online Mastermind Group
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Total Retail Value $177


Imagine where YOU could be?

What if you HAD CONTROL?



“Ray, Thank you so much for your VMI Course. I am becoming so clear on what I want to do and have in my life. I am sitting here with goose bumps! The hair on the back of my neck stands up! Isn’t that when you know you are on the right path? I truly look forward to each and every module of your program because I know I unlock another thought, another idea, and, most of all, I KNOW I am on the right path. Looking forward to sharing great things ahead.”

Merry Ames

 “Your vibrational money training is paying off BIG TIME. Just put 6 people in my business in the last 24 hours. My MOJO is back in all areas and I’m going for the BIG numbers! You Rock!”

Rachel Macgregor

“Hi Ray, Just wanted to shoot you a quick testimonial for your Vibrational Money Immersion audio series. I am on session 15, the final one in the series and I just calculated that this past month was my most profitable month of the past 4 years of my entrepreneurial career. I made just under $13,000 from my multiple income streams. Thanks for helping me increase my vibrations concerning money and challenging me to think differently about money and how I attract it through this amazing series.”

Adam Chandler, Fort Collins, Colorado

“When Ray Higdon said he was launching this course, my first thought was: “Hang on. Ray’s no hype monster. There must be something in this if he’s promoting it”, so I took a chance and bought it.What happened next amazed me. I wrote the first draft of a whole book while taking the course! That led to me speaking on stage at one of the most important events for writers in England. That led to my first info product, which led to a magazine column in a business magazine. Meanwhile, I built a thriving coaching business that I could not have imagined prior to this course. Buying this course hasn’t only affected me, but all my clients and readers too.”
Rebecca Woodhead Authorpreneur, Columnist, Coach

“Good Morning Ray, I want to thank you very much for putting this program together. I have already started to see results and changes that I couldn’t imagine. I work as a sales agent at a vacation rental company and every time we rent all of our units we get a bonus. We haven’t done that in a long time. Two days ago my team and I made our bonus and also for this weekend. I’ve been able to rent more properties and I have more confidence. Thank you so much!”

Janet Prado

“Being only the 4th session of my journey with Ray’s VMI course, I am so grateful that I have taken it on board. It is such a simple platform to follow. Having the classes in mp3 where I can download them onto my Ipod is priceless. I can listen to them over & over which I intend to do even after the course is finished. Thanks Ray for making this course! Can’t wait for the rest of the lessons.”

Tony Losia

“This course has completely opened my eyes to new ways of thinking. That in itself is invaluable! I listen to the informative and motivating insights on my daily commute and now it makes driving a breeze! I’m working toward my goals and feel energized and my attitude is also changing for the better. Thanks so much Ray! I would highly recommend this course to my team and anyone wanting to reach their full potential.”

Rob Herb

Open yourself up to the possibility of a complete transformation. 
What is going through your mind right now is what has brought you to where you are today… looking for something more.
What If Steve’s Right?
What IF?

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“To your legacy”
Steve Krivda


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