Mark Nelson

08-03-17 Session #5 of #5

Did webinar on twitter
Had 3 register. nobody showed up – however people are asking for recording
Next week planning on doing webinar – 5 tips how to do a Facebook Live
Called 9 leads from Wednesday Webinar – 2 bad numbers. 6 voicemail. 1 appt for tomorrow
Following 10-20 people per day

Webinar #2: Next Tuesday FB Live webinar
*Start promoting Sunday…
Active prospecting – Tell people about it…
Facebook Lives – CTA
Facebook Ad – for engagement ad target Fanpage
*Create ad for Lookalike audience
***Run ads on Monday/Tuesday (Yes Ads)

Webinar #3: Optimizing Facebook For Maximum Business Growth

Nelson Schedule 08-03-17

07-27-17 Session #4 of #5

Following 20 people per day
Calling leads 3-5 (some numbers not so good)

Not starting (5) Conversations
*Why? Gets frustrated
**Solution: Intention
Practice – Every time you hang up – no matter the result – “How can I improve that?”

Hey Mark, thanks for commenting/posting.

7 Day: Webinar on Twitter…
Webinar – Done by Wednesday
RE-commitment to 5 people per day…
Continue 3 min per week Lives ~ Promote “Twitter Webinar” For Tuesday…

07-20-17 Session #3 of #5

Finishing up Twitter Training / Funnel
Called leads on Monday. 20 Total…Spoke to 8
1 person – set up appt for Friday

Finding out that when on the calls, looking for reasons to get off the phone
**Not feeling good about asking questions

**Follow up calls – Call the other 12

7 Day Goals:
Call the other 12 people and follow up
Call 10 new leads with numbers
Actively ‘follow’ 20 people per day… (network marketing groups ~specific~)
Start Conversations with 5 people per day
Increase value on Facebook
Follow up with Steve with progress of calls

07-12-17 Session #2 of #5

Got ticket to LTD VIII
Created a Funnel.
Mirror exercise – wife did it too.
Spoke to son-Had great / open conversation
5-10 Leads per day

*Hit 2-3 out of 5 New Contacts each day.
**”I’m not taking the time to do it” – Feels Inadequate when speaking to people on FB.
***Feels as if “Having an alternative method of relationship”
****Salesy <– Too much “Mark” in this equation…

Are you fighting for your freedom

Has not written letters to parents yet.

Go through Module 4 for product creation…

Write Letters
Color Test
Call 5 per day on leads list 2-3:00 Call leads
Rest of day work on FB messenger
Every morning “Who can I bless today”
Before each call… “How can I bless this person”

07-05-17 Session #1 of #5

Called Leads today-Most came from Twitter. 5 Total… Left Messages.
5 days of Lives
*5-8 minutes
*Not expanding on topics…
**Not expanding due to lack of knowledge (Passion)
*CTA: Sending to blog… Create pretty-link and send people to the manychat link…

What does Mark Want?
$5,000 to retire
To prove to self that Mark to do something. Also to prove to family
Has been good at lots of stuff. Basketball, etc…

Is the above possible?
No. Because hasn’t done it
Hasn’t been able to break through anything yet
Came close to be great… Sabotaged
Know’s capable- Not running on all cylinders

Limiting Belief:
Who do you think you are?
Not smart enough
Not good enough
Language from Dad and Older brother

If I don’t take action…
e will be okay in retirement but…we will have to curtail our current lifestyle. I will always have this feeling that I’m not smart enough, not good enough….

Different language
“I am good enough” “I am worthy” “I am smart enough” 

Had dream of being pro b-ball player.
Moved around to different position in B-Ball and didn’t do as well
Close to mom, not so much with dad
Raised Catholic. Alter-boy. In Scouts
Relationship with dad?
Parents passed away
*Dad-Massive heart attack-Had a chance to see him…wouldn’t have made it anyway
**Had a difficult time. Lived 90 minutes away

$5000 Belief issues?

Been with MLSP in the past…Current run – 24 months
3 came in and 1 still active…

At one point I owned 3 hardware stores with my brothers and dad
**Had to look at the people in that small town as if “We couldn’t do it”
Did okay in school (Small school) (to Small college)

Older Brother Phillip

MLSP Tracking

1.Write Dad Letter
2.Write Mom Letter
3.Go to Membership Hub and Create Vision
5.Mirror exercise: Who Am I

6. Write back to Steve – 7 Day Goals

Who am I mirror exercise results
I am Mark Nelson
I am a Son Of God
I am a loving and caring husband
I am an excellent dad
I am a great son
I am a leader
I am a survivor
I am a Teacher

7 day goals…
Increase my network of friends by 5 people each day. Meaning I’m having some conversations with them.
Do a Facebook Live every day
Do my own Twitter training and build a funnel with capture page, bridge page, and last page being MLSP
Incorporate my Facebook Lives into blog posts
Journal daily (I don’t like to do this)
Love my wife every day