Marketing With Social Media – 5 Fun Tips

Social-Media-Marketing-In-The-Middle-EastMarketing With Social Media – 5 Fun Tips




With everyone from your 10 year old child to your 90 year old grandmother, social media has completely taken over the way we get the word out on a daily basis. Marketing with social media is just good business. Heck, you’re reading this now, most likely from a post I put up on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter LOL.

It’s a platform that holds the attention of millions of people each day, while they are supposed to be doing other, more producing activities. Activities such as a job, taking care of the kids, chores and even driving. Done right and with the right campaign you can increase your business 10 fold marketing with social media platforms.

First thing you want to do is find a platform and stick with it. Scattering yourself too thin will cost you a lot of time and a lot of money.  Below I am going to post some Fun Tips that I have noticed lately. I hope you enjoy.


 1. Put on your thinking cap.

You know what I mean. Actually put some thought into what you are writing. It’s good practice to use some off the wall comments in the middle of your article. Something that will grab your reader and have them thinking to themselves “Steve writes some good articles, can’t wait for the next one. You can also make it a little personal, this will connect with the reader on a personal level. Not too much though, no need to be creepy.2


2. Spy On Your Competitors.

No, not like some sort of a stalker or looking in your neighbor’s window. If you are a blogger, then it’s a good idea to subscribe to some high end writers. This will keep you sharp as well as feed your mind with some great content. Content that you can use for future writing and videos. The other good thing about keeping an eye on the ‘others’…you will be able to pick up tips that may be drawing some of you potential readers their way.


3. Be Consistent.

If you are looking to use Social Media for your marketing endeavors, you will want to post more than 1 to 2 times per week. In order to keep your audience connected with you, you are going to want to put out at least 5 pieces of content per week. There is a study that notes, it takes a buyer seeing something 7 times prior to making the purchase. Take the time and create.


4. Pick Topics Wisely.

This goes a little into what was mentioned in tip #1. When marketing with social media, you need to make sure you don’t fall into the trap of ‘Beating a Dead Horse’. Meaning, mix it up a bit and jump around to different sub chapters of you niche. For example, writing article after article about creating content will, no matter how awesome of a writer you are, get BORING. Mix it up with different aspect of your niche and you will have a better chance of keeping the attention of your target market.


5. Don’t Purchase Your Fans.

There are many different places that you can purchase views and followers for your video and blog. While this might provide you with a good boost in the beginning, in my opinion, they don’t last. I can say this, as I fell into the trap of purchasing views, comments and likes. You get all kinds of generic comments…it’s just weird.


Happy Content Creation. Come back next time and we’ll talk about discuss, how to stimulate some good writing.


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Steve Krivda


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2 thoughts on “Marketing With Social Media – 5 Fun Tips

  1. sherman smith

    Hey Steve,

    These are some awesome tips, but the one that really got my attention is number 2. Why? Because that’s what I do and I have gotten some great information from these high end bloggers. With the information from each gave me some great ideas to write some great informative content. This is one of the smartest things you can do to keep your blog going.

    Thanks for sharing!

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