Maria Soeters

04-11-17 #5 of #5

Finished Ebook…
Facebook Live Yesterday: Generated 11 Leads with own product / Ebook
Content 6 days a week…
Blogging and Videos.
On Sunday… Choose 6 topics for content

SEO… Keyword Research…
Syndication Facebook Group…
Post your article in 5-8 Facebook groups…

Future in 2017 – Create Financial Freedom

Get with Rafael:
Write 5 things to do that’s fun – Separates lists.

Use private FB Group for presenting Life Plus

30 Day Commitments/Goals:
1,000 on Mailing list (10 per day?)
20-25 total “Great” pieces of content
Webinars in private group, promoting Life Plus – 5 X’s for first week. 3 X’s per week consistently


03-27-17 #4 of #5

Part-Time Job…Relieved some stress
Recruited new person!

Looking to move into the Attraction Marketing Model
Worked on Ebook. Has been distracted with perfection.
What do we need to do to fix this? MS Answer: Create funnel now
Wants to finish Ebook.

What needs to finished
Ebook – Maybe Change the topic to “5 Ways To Create Passive Income”
Call to action aka funnelizer

Pretty Link 
Connect to MLSP Blog – Strictly activate pretty link (
Create 5 ways passive – By Thursday AM…
Create simple funnel with funnelizer – Include (Best Phone Number of Skype)
CTA- Survey with – Similar to

03-10-17 #3 of #5

Doing Facebook Lives every day
Signed up a person from a Live! Had quite a few conversations with Facebook Friends.
Been reaching out to people on Social Media
Had one guy, respond so far. “Why are you connecting?”
Here is the YouTube Video of LinkedIn
10 Minute Facebook Lives – Solid Call To Action – “Me” “Info” Below or “send me a private”

Who’s Maria? Empowering People To Live An Extraordinary Life
Empower Passion Extraordinary

Ebooks: How To Get Healthy and Stay Healthy. 7 Tips To Create The Life Of Your Dreams.
How I created my products

02-27-17 #2  of #5

Good and not good
Created videos

FB Live… Around Healthy Choice, Extraordinary Life,
Product: 5 Ways.

Speaking to 5 people…
Re-addressed “Apology” contact
One Touch Contact
Two Touch Contact
/\/\/\Choose for each individual person/\/\/\
Product creation:
Health and life wellness
Life wellness/entrepreneurship
X ways to eat organic
X ways to sleep better and wake up alive

02-21-15 Session #1 of #5


Main Objective Build Life Plus-For 9 months?
Boyfriend – Rafael – 2 years

Really get started – Today’s the first day of business.
To start running hard
Build online and offline

Your Vision:
What do you want? 
Freedom, money, help people, make people happy, have children, make world better place,        travel, nanny, feel relaxed, self confidence…
What does Freedom mean? Feeling relaxed, no stress
What makes Maria happy?
Why do you want this? Feel stressed. “Always” been stressed.
Money Issue. Had an income – still a concern. Father is all about money (Lack mentality)
Feels as though money creates happiness.
Is this possible for Maria? Yes! Have always felt that life is going to be great from Maria!
What’s the limiting belief? Afraid of the unknown. Used to “Not having confidence” “Not having money” “Not feeling relaxed”
What do feel it would cost you? Everything. Do or Die thing (not suicidal).
My life-Feel like a Failure. Hate Failing. Life wouldn’t have meaning.
Who must I become in order to get what you want?

Scarcity mindset.
What do you like to do?
You’ve had pretty good success from playing at 60%

Warm Market: Not all of warm market.
Spoken to: Approx. 250 – Enrolled 25
Went through the “Apology Call Back” to new LP Funnelizer



Speak to 70 People over next 7 days. (Roughly collecting 10 decisions per day)

Document calls
Password: CMA

Practice Receiving
Vision Webinar…
I am Happy, I am Confidence, I am the Leader people are looking for, I impact the world, Money comes to be easily and frequently, I am powerful, successful and worthy.
Meditate on Vision… Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself. Joe Dispenza

Next Session – Speak about product for Life Plus