Mariana Stovall

Session #4 of #5 09-05-17

Joined a 30 day run!!
Had 2 people join Younique
*People that ‘have come around’
Learning how find the need with people…

Been second guessing self: Made declaration to upline, then felt doubt coming in about an hour later.

Where is doubt coming from?
*As though not able to hit the goals. Then others stating “I told you so”
**How to thwart that? Move according what I know.

Create Short Term Goals:
Get opp out to people: Get 100 no’s per week / 14 people per day
*Offering opp, class, party or to purchase something.

What doing?
Starting conversation with something that you have in common
*Typically lasts about 2-3 days
**Personal Facebook Friends
***Go for no – contest: Tell them you’re looking for 20 no’s per day.
**** Unwavering


Dr Joe Dispenza – Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

“Who do I need to become in order to get what I want?”


Session #3 of #5 08-24-17

Completed more
Staying consistent
Wrote letters to each parent
*Different emotions for each parent
Spoke to 55 people out of 70!
Requesting 5-6 per day!

FB Group Name:
“The Tenacity of Motherhood”
Empowering Moms To Know Your Beauty

What does Mariana bring to the group
*Lifting others up
**Sharing your story – Facebook Live 5 minutes max
*Safe place for other moms to speak their daily pains
*Community to network
*Share mothering tips – with asking for other’s thoughts

Monetizing group – Taking relationships to new level with Younique

Review Closing webinar in HBSFhub

Next session – Run Ad To FB Group

Session #2 of #5 08-17-17

Hesitated at first on letter to bro…
Created vision and felt awesome…

Attraction Marketing ‘increasing’
*Social media is completely changing!
**One person reached out to Mariana to possibly join in Younique

Intentions for coming in to the call today:
Wants to see where we go today
*Starting with ‘prospecting’ conversations

Going with people posts that have something interesting
**Feels weird going into the sale – Authenticity Issue

Target Market:
Women… Moms, more in general
Lost in themselves.
To bring out their inner selves
Lost Identity?
~Pains that market would have?
Feels by myself
Need me time
Younique Culture to support each other

Facebook group:
Mom’s Empowerment <–Name?
Not alone aka Community/Family
Facebook Lives to drive traffic to FB Group, posts and individual conversations
Facebook Lives about being pretty

7 Day tasks:
Create letter for parents. This will help with you telling them to help them live their lives.
Facebook Group
** for them to create cover picture
Empowering Moms To Be Beautiful?
10 people per day – Track on paper or excel worksheet
Follow 20 people per day
Friend request 2-4 per day with a private message

Next session – Speak about Facebook Fanpage

Session #1 of #5 08-08-17

House Keeping – Agreed

Intentions for these calls:
Just came back from company convention – Younique
*Get over fear of sponsoring – offering gift of Younique
*Feels guilty moving forward with NM and seeing brother in state he is

Uses the word Struggle as current tense

Mariana 33 years old
Job: Qualified Intellectual Professional – Home/Job/Society placement for people w/ disabilities
*Loved this job
*Would still be doing this if it weren’t for brother
*Sister found Mariana this job. ’04

Parents still alive
*Loves them… Live together since Feb ’17

Brother incident:
*IED 2011 (Army)
*He’s “My Baby Brother”
*Prognosis – Brain injury. Trache in throat for breathing. Lost both legs (one at knee/one at hip). Non-verbal at this point… Smiles, rolls eyes, etc… Doctors state this is where he is
*Enlisted in 2003
*Tried to talk him out of it, sort of. But really didn’t want him to stay home

What does Mariana really want?
*Originally: Create income to pay off debt…parents debt…husbands debt
*Moved to: Build addition to current house for Luis. For equipment and therapy room
*Then Moved to: Help people! People that have been abused
*Hire an agency to help with Luis
*Live on same street

Guilt about brother:
Couldn’t find it…

Write letter to Luis
Create Vision: <– Module #1

Next: Mirror


Taking care of brother – injured in military since 2011

Sponsoring – Where difficulty

Sales – Feels more comfortable

Not 100% with NM profession – “May not work for me”
*Tends to quit things
*In direct sales in the past
*Weight issue of past
**Not much else…Coming back to weight

Things to accomplish:
College – above average
Supervisor position – DB Homes…
In High School – In Band… Honor Roll

Daughter at young age (Now 17)
10yr old and 13months
Married 11 years (Mark 36 yrs)
Mariana is 33 yrs