Maria Hailey

03-14-17 #6 of #6

Twitter – 3 weeks: 1-2 leads per day.
Spending a lot of time on Renaissance.  (Invisible Empire)
Facebook lives x3 a week and uploading some blog posts
Live topics:

It is necessary to complete Twitter to generate passive leads…
Renaissance – who to target – Higdon, MLSP, WV…
FB ads to Evergreen Webinar.
Start 20 conversations per day
SurveyMonkey behind Story Ad

Marketing strengths:
FB Ads
Come up with 4 Topics to train for product
Plan (3-4) lead up webinar –>Sales Webinar (bonuses)

02-24-17 #5 of #6

Today’s recording

Finished Twitter product, funnel and created 22 leads in 2 days

Discussed and created Facebook Ad for Twitter product.

For Travel Product: Visit Travel Forums

1. Webinar: Twitter webinar – with “Twitter Automation Give Away”
2. Ad for Twitter
3. (3) FB Lives a week promoting Twitter Webinar
Blog twice a week and share that out too!

FB Lives – Network Marketing at Basic Experience Level.


02-07-17 #4 of #6

Today’s Recording

Created Product Image – below

Creating Funnel: Optin Page >> Thank You Video Page with Download of PDF
Email #1 has Module #1 with interchangable Video/Funnels
Create Permanant Forward Pretty Link

About me video on PDF – Embed on About me page of blog

In of Need Beta-Testers
Just Finished My First Product: A 5 Module Step by Step Blue Print to Automate Twitter that consistently brought me 7-10 leads per day…

1) when I have my images
2) created my funnels
3) added a post on my personal page
4) Created my FB live and added subtitles where we will create a boast to the live I will also share out live & image into groups asking them to message me for the course.
Plus promote on Twitter and to my current list & on IG

I will create the email broadcast on aweber and add on the second / 3rd day an addition (Personal) email giving away a twitter review sending them to a free consultation page on my blog <<< I would speak to them as if it’s a personal email and rather get them on the phone to speak to them about a Twitter Review 

01-31-17 #3 of #6

Recording from today

Bit frustrated with FB group.
Not getting messages back.

Moved to Facebook Fanpage: Redirecting Twitter/IG to Fanpage. Approx 110 Likes this week
Committed to Finish Twitter Product by Sunday Feb 5th
Empowering Entrepreneurs To Build Wealth Online
Move mind around creating boot camp with Lisa

Create image inside FB Group forwarding audience to FB Business page.
Consider FB ads per our conversation today. Engagement ads. When creating your image for the ad, use a pic of you. feel free to use the verbiage from the ad I sent you through messenger 🙂
Next time we speak, we’ll zero in on an avatar for your FB Ads / Leads
Remember those questions I asked. Who are you serving? What do you stand for? What do you like to speak about / what’s your passion?

01-13-17 #2 of #6

Today’s recording

Put on Webinar 01-03-17
L1 Leadership in MLSP
Enrolled (3) from webinar

Next webinar is going to be on Twitter-2 Weeks

Been procrastinating…<< NO MORE
FB Group. Hasn’t done much. (2) Lives and Re-Purposed (1) YouTube

Turn target market to MLMers – Keep it simple
Blogging – 2x’s per week.
Learn 1-2 strategies per week. <<< very important
Create twitter product – Welcome Video >> Capture page >> PDF/Video series
Idea for product cover – send to Fiverr
Create PDF
Create Webinar and 3 Course Videos at same time
Funnelizer for each video (PDF will be sent out by email)
Create Capture page and Bridge (Thank you) Page
Create aweber list.


12-30-16 Webinar Review

12-15-16 #1 of #6

People reaching out to say that “How Maria Helped Others”
Feeling Passion To help people
Has a hater
Invited to speak at a live event

Webinar – Attraction Marketing to sell MLSP
Have PowerPoint to Steve 12/22


11-28-16 #5

Three way calls last week
Signed up MLSP Mastery Member last week <– WOOT!!!
Spoke to 4 people on the phone-
Lots on messages-going back and forth
Since Last 52 FB Group additions…

Questions on Phone
How long in the industry
What brought you in
How long with current MLM
What brought you in/What you like best
What are you doing to build? <–Create Pretty

Back Office Walk-Through–>

Message #1 Gratitude Message – Anything you’d like for me to do my next FB Live on
Message #2 – Some small to talk – transition to phone

7 Goals:
Get people on phone quicker
Focus more on Branding self
Using Richard Matharoo on three way calls
Twitter Webinar 50-60 Leads per week Enroll 1-2 Reps per week
Steve Jaffee’s Webinar – Starting 11-29-16 – Message Steve K after each Module
PowerPoint Webinar – Rough Outline – Intro, About Me, The Meat, Start Outro, Sell…
Phone: Practice Practice Practice – With Lisa

Value: Conversation on the Phone…


11-18-16 #4

Booked ticket for Momentum in Feb (WV)
Had random woman (Michelle) message to give Kudos!! 11-12-16
Another random guy (James) reached out. Maria is the expert 11-17-16
Spoke to him and sent back office walk through
Also spoke to referrer (Emma) via message, invited to group. <– Get Emma on phone
Twitter Followers. Increased 3,263 to 3,324
FB Group grew by 50 people.


Twitter Verbiage:
Learn How 50-100 Qualified Prospects Contact Me Every Singe Week! Come and Join The Conversation and My Free Live Daily Training! (and switch links around)
Un-follow 1,000 people on Twitter – Allowing to Follow


FB Lives – minute :55 of recording and Objection Handling
Example of Capture–>

Speak to 2-3 People per day
WV- 5 people this week


11-11-16 #3
You’re doing amazing!!

Twitter Followers. Increased 300 per week!
Created Vision and MP4
Created DMO:
First thing in AM T25 with Shaun “T” – Done by 7am
Get Tilly To school
Take Henry walk and listen to MLSP Wake UP Call
Hope by 9:15am and listen to vision
Breaking through fear of the phone… Huge Break Through

Use Comment in Post / Tag people that aren’t responding to you
Listen to vision at night

Goals for Next 7 Days
Engage Aweber
Increase Engagement on Instagram
Continue pushing with Twitter
Webinar on Twitter finished by Sunday – Date Set for Friday to Put Out Webinar at 9pm
FB Lives to promote webinar. Basic information and use pretty link create

“I am Powerful”
“I am Worthy”
“I am Successful”
“People Love Me”
“Money Comes To Be Easily”
“I am the Leader People Have Been Waiting For”

Use PrettyLink to create Link for Instagram
“How Would You like To Learn How To Get Thousands Of Followers Using Your Smart Phone? This Simple Method, Take Minutes A Day To Generate 3-8 Leads Per Day… GUARANTEED!”

Fill Out The Form Below To Get Your 26 Minutes FREE VIDEO Showing you This Exact Method, Step by Step.

PLUS a FREE BONUS 10-Point PDF ‘Cheat Sheet’ with Detailing These Instructions!!!


11-03-16 “Mulligan”


10-21-16 #2

On your pinned post in your group. I would edit that video with a caption at your giveaways (at the 0:42 second mark) “Comment below to receive your Free Facebook or Instagram PDF”


Facebook Lives Group Monday – Wednesday – Friday
(tag me in the comments of your Live Sessions)

Monday – Monday Mindset?

Wednesday – Q&A Day

Friday – Recap week? Motivation for the weekend

Thanks for coming into the group, appreciate you. Curious, what avenue brought you here? Because I provide value on Twitter, Youtube and IG.

Answer ? – Cool, is that how you are primarily building your business?

Yes or no… Awesome, Great, etc… How long have you been using that strategy?

“What would that mean to you, if I could help you attain that?”   (Listen to how and what they respond with)
Remember that if any objections come up.
MLSP Is only $10 to start
WV is pay into your own savings account.

Please contact me with your conversations. If you aren’t getting responses back or if you are looking for ways to close or get them on the phone. I am here for you.

We went over a lot today and I wouldn’t expect anyone to get all of that LOL. Please be sure to speak with me.
Also, i love how you sent me that email before our last session. That was incredibly helpful.
The day before the next time we speak, I’ll ask for screen shots of your 1/96 sheets. To see what your days look like. Keep Rocking!!!!


10-17-16 #1

To Add “Read More” click  text <!–more–>



Create Vision – 30DayVision

Tony Robbins-Awaken The Giant Within

Available time to Market: Full Time

1/96 Sheet:

Main Strategy: Twitter and Facebook Group 

Video Pinned to you FB Group –> Intro similar to

     Be cautious of posting links in Maria Hailey Group

FB Lives in FB Group…Pick a day that you can be consistent with.

You’ll notice that Adam Chandler is doing the Wednesday Webinar: Twitter…Nothing happens by chance.

DMO To Follow: You can create this in Microsoft Excel or Google Docs

6am: Mindset add in Tony Robbins – Review Why and Vision You’re Creating

9am: Back from taking Tilly to school: Exercise 30-45 Minutes

10:30am: Content and/or Twitter

Noon: Lunch

Sprinkle in Email Checking – 5 minutes tops per email check

Conversations per day: 10 minimum, best place to find people at this point is your Facebook group. Simple lead in Conversation starter:
          Thank you for being a part of my Group here. Curious, what brought you my way
          Followed with: Cool, have you been a marketer long?
Then you can follow the scripts from

Your intention is to find out where their pain is. There current MLM or is it REALLY generating leads. The Webinar above is going to help you determine this.

If MLM Pain – WorldVentures. If you need help here, let me know
If LEAD Gen – MLSP. Go with the conversations is to lead your prospects to a screen share of your back office. Here is an example and something you can use to

It is vitally important to follow your 1/96 every day