Lisa Hughes

05-09-17 Session #5 of #6

Left WV
Down to 1 with MLSP
Doing Lives on Fanpage (500 fans)
Emailing list
25 Top Tips PDF done

Suggested FB “Yes” ad
Suggested FB “Get notified” ad
See FB Ad Video from AMT & Karen Winters


FB Ad Video for future ad – Get Verbiage to Steve ASAP
Powerpoint notes for Ren. and get to Steve ASAP

04-04-17 Session #4 of #6

Back to doing videos each day. Syndicated video, Twitter, FB, Youtube, G+, Instagram and Blog. Sending to list. Also having a congruent CTA

Optin Congruent with your audience
Viral Content
Safe blog
“Offer” articles

Create a back office video and tack on the back end of the 25 Social Media Tips
Create a 30 minute webinar
10-15 Slides

03-16-17 Session #3 of #6

Working mainly “Job”
Following 5 steps to firing boss from MLSP
Visiting vision at night and morning – waking up much better in am
Today is first day back to freedom

Wants to focus on:
Invisible Empire – Wants to add people here
WV – Understands that this is where long term residual income comes from

Create Fast 25 Tip PDF to give away – Along with 5-7 minute video “How to Brand and Why” -> Put video behind Funnel with click button below to $9.97 trial…
IG Product: PDF and Video

02-06-17 Session #2 of #6

Lost a few MLSP people this last month. Down to 3 Members
Added 5 people in last 5 week sessions

Spoke about New Banner
“Helping Entrepreneurs Create Financial Freedom and Live The Life They Love”

‘Re-opening’ of Lisa Marie Hughes

Who is Lisa Marie Hughes?
How do I want people to describe me?
I want to be seen as valuable, significant and help others to succeed to move forward in their businesses and lives!

How can I do that? – I need to lead with value and offer them something of value.

What does that value look like?
What is my purpose? – To help struggling network marketers, because I struggled when I started out.  My struggles were around the industry and my mindset as. didn’t believe I was good enough to be successful or worthy of financial freedom!

What is Lisa Marie Hughes fighting for?
I’m fighting to show people what FREEDOM actually is! – I NEED TO FIGHT FOR LISA!!!!

The industry average is 2 people in total – LMH has exceeded this average so the fight must continue! Boom

Started to loose belief in myself and my business, I felt worthless.

Change my tagline / Banner to read ‘Helping Entrepreneurs Create Financial Freedom and Live The Life They Love!

Now I have MY tagline, I need to create content around that tagline…
Start CREATING who I am!

Forget my FB Group, and begin moving people over to my FanPage Create more content for my FanPage BLOG will become my central hub

When I think on my OWN quotes, start to write them down and put MY NAME by it. – OWN IT!!!

Work and formulate my content / FB lives around the colours – Red, Blue, Yellow & Green – this will mean I’m targeting everybody

Think about new Content Ideas:

Come up with 3-5 different Content Ideas

  1. Blogging
  2. Switch my Instagram around a little
  3. Come up with 7-8 tips inside Instagram so that I can start to create my OWN product


12-13-16 Session #1 of #6
Reviewed Powerpoint. 45 minute session


11-28-16 Session #5

L2 – Celebrations!!!
First Live – On personal Page!
Blog – Post done, waiting to publish
FB Live in Group every day
21 leads This week – Awesome!
MLSP –  (1) Mastery!

Local Market – Not Yet…
Addressed NM-Stars Webinar: <— Create Pretty Link

Facebook group up to 706

Instagram 6,359

7 Day Goals
Purchased Steve Jaffee’s Coaching Webinar
Webinar on Attraction Marketing – Finished by 12-07-16
Warm Market: (1) per day Using the WV Pretty Link per above
Continue FB Live on Personal Page 2-3 times per week – Be intentional on CTA
Continue FB Live daily in Community Group
TRACK IG to FB GROUP! For Future Training <Facebook Group Webinar>
Send Email to Personal MLSP Enrollees – Announcing Webinar A.M.

Biggest Piece of Value from Today: WV Comp plan. Webinars


11-25-16 Session #4a 🙂

11-18-16 Session #4

Hurt back…Carrying vacuum. Took last week’s session
Hit “4 and Pay No More!” in World Ventures
(1) MLSP Mastery!!
Facebook group up to 699
(4) Lives in FB Group!
Getting more comfortable with making calls
Instagram up to 6,000 (approx 100 followers per day)

PDF Autoresponder:
How Would You Like To Increase Your Engagement On Social Media, Generate More Leads and Brand Yourself As A Leader?
Get Your FREE Facebook Engagement Blueprint Right Now! Including The 7 Highest Engaging Social Media Posts!

FB Live – Correlation with blog post for the day…
Create pop-up

7 Day Goals:
Blog to be up
New video for autoresponder and verbiage Minute 33:00 in recording
Add pop up to blog
FB Lives increased
Creating content to basics
1/96 Sheets Starting Today
WorldVentures-Sending people to Gavin Webby
Local Market 1 person per day!


11-04-16 Session #3
In Momentum!!!
(2) Platinum in World Ventures!!
(1) MLSP Mastery!!
Calling people
Messaging leads From the CRM
Facebook Group up to 649

Re-Address Two Touch Email Address

Speak to the people in the “Leads Comment”

What to do about missing commitments-The Past Is Done and Gone. Move Forward

Facebook Group
(2) Facebook Lives This Week

Finish watching videos on how to do a webinar, this weekend <– Committed
Attraction Marketing:
Why? How?
Why are you in the industry
What value
How to put out value
Importance of Blog and Branding (how much typically costs the PIA)
Even if you’re not the expert – you speak from you experience education level
How many $100 commissions would you need to create that ….. – pricing

What to say about people that register for Wednesday
“I may be able to get you the recording, if you’d like”


10-26-16 – Session #2

Recording from today:
Listening to Awaken the Giant Within

Mindset feels “Off” for the last couple days

Had a couple people set up for calls – didn’t show

Still waiting on Fiverr to return blog header

Scott referring to money being an issue.

Continuing Twitter – Finishing up Training from Adam

Vision Creations
Getting two people to set appts
Adding 10 per day to Facebook Group per day – Up to 600+ members
Spoke to 50-60 people – Started Conversation

Lisa’s Intentions For Today:
Increase Conversation Skills
1st Touch: Hey “Steve” thanks for coming into my group. We have a lot fun in here.
Appreciate you.
2nd Touch: Hey Steve, hope you’re having a great day. I’m doing a FB Live on “Topic”, might be something you would be interested in.

Webinar on Branding — Get Slides To Steve By Sunday via Drop Box
Set Date For Friday November 4th

How to do Webinars


This is what you’ll push people to


10-19-16 – Session #1

Recording from today


Finished Blog – Weight has been lifted – Create header using

MLPS Since – August Launch Day – 7 People in 3 weeks. Spoke to 100 people
70 people watched MLSP presentation 10% ratio

In lieu of Verbalizing MLSP and what it is, send your people here

My goal is L5 in 12 months. 60 Mastery Members in 12 months. With 34 Mastery remaining active.
600 people – Actual presentation views. 2 person per day – Committed!
6 mths – 4 people per day

Choose a topic for topic for a webinar…

Go through Adam’s Twitter Training-in the marketing strategies

World Ventures:

20 People – From Internet – Turned Cold to Warm.
Warm Market – Feel burnt it out.

Tony Robbins – Awaken The Giant Within – Vision Create (pen/pencil and paper) by the weekend and a screen shot to Steve