Limu Review

Limu Review

Chances are you heard of Limu from a friend, family member or maybe you saw someone post a Facebook post about it. I guess it doesn’t really matter LOL. For whatever reason you are here looking for a third party review.

Limu Review – About

Limu is a health and wellness company created by Gary Raser back in 2003. Gary has 20 years of experience in network marketing, which is worth mentioning, since he isn’t some fly by night dude. Surprising to me, the company had been around for 8 years, since I just heard about it today. So I decided to check it out myself.

Limu is a United States based company right here out of Lake Mary, Florida. In its eight years of doing business, Limu has moved in to Canada, Japan, Australia and 21 other countries around the world. The leaders of the company have a combined 125 years experience and it was good to see that the company is debt free. Something rare in network marketing. It’s also important to point out the Limu donates a percentage of its sales to charities with the main focus being on families, children and home / family improvement. They have also giving out countless meals at Thanksgiving.

Lima Review – In the News

As with most health and wellness companies, the product must deliver. With Limu being featured in USA, NBC, USA Today, ABC just to name a few, it’s would be difficult to hide something haha. With the internet age, you can’t hide anything and with such high level news outlets, it may be safe to say the Limu is delivering.

Limu Review – Products

Limu products are juices and shakes. The main ingredient mentioned in Limu is Fucidan found in the South Pacific. It also is worth mentioning that Limu, through studies, contains more 70 nutrients including vitamins, amino acids, plyphenols, glyconutrients and antioxidants. This is delivered through a 2oz shot. Which makes it convenient when introducing it to someone, since it is such a small amount. It is also worth mentioning that Limu does not contain artificial sweeteners.

Another product that Limu has, is a weight loss line. This includes a Meal Replacement, Appetite Controller and Digestive Health Cleanse.

Lime Review – Compensation and Sign up

You can sign up for Limu for free, which is an advantage to you if you only want to use the products. This, however, doesn’t allow you to get paid, unless you purchase and resell. In order to take advantage of the pay plan with Limu, you are going to want to sign up for one of the Fast Packs of $499 or $999. This will ensure you to be able to share your products and the only two ways to qualify for commissions. This will also make the Ultimate Auto Program available to you. Next, like most other network marketing companies, you are going to want to be on autoship. The compensation comes in ways of:

Initial sign on bonuses, meaning…you can make money on your first day by introducing someone to your business.

Residual income.

Company pools as you advance in the company.

Also, there is a 5.5% worldwide company global bonus pool as you advance as well.

Limu also has incentive trips to help with goal setting.

Limu Review – Scam or Not?

After my review of the company, I feel as though Limu is legitimate.  Limu has a good product and has the research to back it. As in any business that you are looking at, I would highly recommend going to the company webpage and check out the compensation page and product for yourself as this is just a brief overview and a review from a seasoned network marketer.

How can you accelerate your success in Limu

I recommend that you find an attraction marketing system to brand yourself as one of the top industry leaders. This will allow you and show you how to make immediate profits whether they join Limu or not. If you combine a system like this with Limu, the only thing standing between you and building an EMPIRE with Limu…is time.

It is critically important that you leverage your time and money with the top Leadership and Marketing in the world.

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  2. Amy Richmond-RedCloud

    As an independent distributor I would like to say thanks for a good review. However, while the fast track packs offer incentives and make it faster to earn more (hence the name) as long as you are enrolled as a promoter with at least 100pv autoship you can earn commissions. Also, there is a $135 promoter pack as well.

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you for the extra input Amy. i hope you all the success.

  3. Limu Lean Products

    Thank you for a great review. I am an independent distributor also. Let's face it Limu has a great product. Limu Products contain Fucoidan in liquid form making it 1 of the best nutritional suppliments on the market today. I am able to share this product with other to help improve their health and as an added bonus recieve commissions. In the economy we face today this is a much needed increase to my normal wages from my other job.

  4. Amway

    great business.. you have to do the work, but you will be rewarded

    1. admin Post author

      You got that right. thank you for coming by my Limu Review

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