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Welcome to my Website!

The most common question that people have for me is (actually there are TWO):

  1. What exactly do you do and how can you help me?
  2. Why Online Marketing ?

I personally help people attract leads for their home businesses.

Regardless of whether you have a network marketing business, a “nanny” service, a “student painting” company, or are even in the process of (or thinking about) starting your own home business, I’m here to make sure that customers FIND, FOLLOW and CONTACT YOU online.

Am I qualified to do this?

Do I have any “Street Cred”?

“Short” answer, YES.

If you want my “Long” answer, fill-in the form at the bottom of this page and include your phone number. I will personally call you!

Here’s my answer “In a Nutshell”:

I was a struggling marketer for about 8 years. I spent thousands looking for the answer. To be honest, it put a strain on my family, friends and my bank account.

I was continuously “Chasing” people who were not “Qualified”. Heck, I didn’t care who came into my business, as long as someone did. Definitely, not the right route to go LOL

In other words, I was approaching people who were not particularly interested in what I had to offer.

Now, I am a full time At Home Marketer of my Own Choice. People now CONTACT ME every day. Qualified people who are looking for something more than a few hundred bucks a month. 

Imagine for a moment, people calling and wanting to talk to you about signing up with you.
Here’s what can happen… This is January 2016
(This Can Be You! Contact Me At The Bottom Of This Page)
















Ask yourself this…

What could I gain from working with a Top Earner…Someone who built his business from the ground up, into what you see here? Can they identify with my struggles?
The Answer: Yes! I’ve been where you are. I’ve banged my head against the wall. I’ve taken the verbal beating from the people who love me. 

Through it all, I rose to the top and I can Show You How To as well.

So, would 8 to 10 qualified leads (people coming to you) PER DAY help your business?

If the answer is “Yes”, then I can definitely help you out!

Simply fill-in the form at the bottom of this page and I will get back to you immediately!

If you include your phone number. I will personally call you!

Why Online Marketing?

With Billions of people on the internet, doesn’t it make sense? Doesn’t it make sense that you can reach hundreds of people in a week on the net over 10’s face to face?

Invited for the Third Year in a Row to be a Speaker At Our Company Event
2016 Live The Dream VII
My Lead System Pro Live The Dream

Let’s start your Journey!

Contact me personally by Texting me directly, or by filling-in the contact form below.

I will get back to you immediately with some basic questions to see how I can help you out.

If you include your phone number. I will personally call you!

Member of The Month 12-2014







Local Cell (Naples, Florida): 1-239-370-7902

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