Lead Generation Tools

Lead Generation Tools

This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Having the right lead generation tools can rocket you to success. OR drain your bank account quicker than a gold digger LOL

So how do you choose which tool to purchase. Everywhere you look, there is an ad or someone pitching the latest and greatest newest most awesome lead generation tool around.

Lead Generation Tools and my solution.

Here is what I suggest. Or maybe I will start with what not to do. I wouldn’t go on the internet and look for reviews on any MLM, Affiliate or lead generator. This is why, people the write “Real” reviews are typically angry at their company or product. Don’t get me wrong, some reviews are cool but think about it.

A better way to go about finding a lead generation tool for yourself is to watch the people around you. See who is using what and what is working. You will want to get a hold of them and ask them what sort of results they are getting. Make sure the person you are talking is someone you can trust. Also, I would call them. Emails are easy to fake the answer, you can hear what the person is “saying” in their voice.

Researching Lead Generation Tools

Now it’s time to find the right one for you. There are a couple of things that you need to take into consideration when looking for a lead generation tool. I know that you think that the price tag is the first thing to think about….it’s not. You need to evaluate what you want to involve yourself in. If you have time to put into generating your own leads, you can look into a Facebook lead generator. This will show you how to find leads, meet them and introduce them into to your business. It’s inexpensive, VERY EFFECTIVE but does take time. You can also look into a Twitter lead generator. This is similar to the Facebook trainings…it’s inexpensive, VERY EFFECTIVE but does take time.

You also have the choice to purchase leads. This is a cool thing as well. Again you are going to want to talk to someone who has purchased leads and what source they used. Beware that there are some pretty shotty Lead Purchase “people” out there. If this is the way you decide to go, don’t go cheap.

Pay Per Click Lead Generation Tools

These are typically anywhere from a hundred to a few hundred dollars, then there is the expense of paying for the advertisement. Understand that this sort of lead generation is very effective but can run a few hundred dollars a month. Check this out, would it be worth it if you could generate 20-40 leads a day? Do you think you could convert 10% of those “Your business” specific leads to your business? Do you think that you could make your investment back in your first month? I think so too.

You have to treat your Network Marketing business, like an business. That’s what it is. You wouldn’t buy a Dominoes franchise and advertise on crayon written construction paper. You want something that is going to give you a return and a return fast.

You cannot or I need to say, you should not look at the price tag when looking at a lead generation tool. Here’s why…This is not an expense, this is an investment in you and your business. Assuming that you did you research and your due diligence in purchasing the right Lead Generation Tool, you will get your money back and then some. Once you chose the right tool for you, it is up to you. YOU HAVE TO TAKE ACTION.

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Steve Krivda


5 thoughts on “Lead Generation Tools

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  2. Graham C Judd

    I think it’s also important at some point just to get out there and give a few of the tools a shot. Find out what works well for you. For some, simplicity may be best. Others may want affiliate income while others may just want to do a bit of advertising. Whatever people choose, they need to be consistent for their system to truly work and generate leads.

  3. William

    Steve, good points. There are very few reliable “systems” out there and I agree before getting involved to really seek out those that are making it happen and see their results. It’s also important to understand that it does take time once you get involved; it’s not a quick process. And, once you get leads, then what do you do with them? So learn how to talk to them first is also important.

    Thanks for sharing Steve!!

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