Kickin it Old School With Network Marketing Internet Business of Today

Kickin it Old School With Network Marketing Internet Business of Today

Network marketing used to be a face to face business, where people recruited other people they knew personally onto their teams and down-lines, for example Mary Kay, everything was close and personal.

Distributors would invite people into their homes for makeup demonstrations which was a social, private affair.

With the advent of network marketing internet businesses have…

on the face of it, taken away that personal contact aspect. This is the main reason why some network marketers are failing on the internet. The brilliant thing is you can reach an audience of millions online, old-fashioned network marketing businesses were really limited, and new network marketeers who don’t get this personalized way of selling are failing.

They haven’t dealt with people in an one-on-one sales situation – in other words – they don’t understand the whole idea of attraction marketing.

It’s really easy. “I like you, I purchase from you”

That is how Mary Kay, Amway and other famous Multi-Level Marketing or network marketing people have been doing it successfully for a long while.

The woman in the pink Cadillac in front of you did not get that by sitting on her BUTT doing nothing!

So what is the idea of attraction network marketing on the internet?

Basically you set out to help people.

The Internet remains the info road and that’s what most people are searching for… information. They are always hunting for info to solve a problem. People are incredibly well-educated these days thanks to the Internet, and they certainly do not purchase the first thing that comes along, they conduct inclusive research first, and may even visit social media sites like Facebook and YouTube, and ask questions on forums or read articles on the subject.

The most useful marketers understand that they need to be in the face of those potential customers. You’ll never “Win” just be stuffing things in their face and saying “buy this now”.

You’ve got to carefully gain peoples trust, by establishing that you know what you are talking about and by posting educational articles on your internet site or on article marketing sites and answering questions, that is how you get the leads, highly qualified leads. That’s attraction marketing in a nutshell.

If you’re a beginner in the Internet marketing business, there are numerous other places you can publicize as well, and the good thing is after you get your first few sales you can invest those earnings by collaborating in Pay-per-click advertising and other targeted advertising.

Find a system that can work for you and stick to it. Everyone needs a useful system in network marketing, something that is going to keep you in the right mind set.

Where can you get some invaluable guidance about network marketing and getting leads?

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