Julie Syl Kalungi

08-08-17 Session #4 of #5


Finished PowerPoint
Finished Ad

Running Traffic To Webinar:
Facebook live push
Promote to email list 1,500+
*Question email to list

Run with your ads.

Avatar Worksheet 05-16-17

7 day goals:
Fill out the above Avatar Sheet
Run ad #1 and #2
Set a date for webinar…
Facebook Lives with a mission to pack the webinar
REVIEW Webinar in Module #8…

Get in touch Andrew Herriford for membership site

08-04-17 Session #3 of #5


Back doing Lives! Lots of Lives
Revamped Pinterest capture page <–Looks awesome!!
Calling Leads and leaving messages
(4) People in MLSP Trial!!!
University upgrade to Mastery

Running FB Ad to pinterest interest – Create Copy and Send

Create Pillar Post Around Pinterest… 2,500 hundred words… Use Rank and Stick
Webinar around Pinterest… Go through Webinar in module #8 on Webinars and Get Powerpoint to Steve via email…

08-02-17 Session #3 of #5 Quick Call-FB ad to next session

07-20-17 Session #2 of #5


Wrote and Read letter and feel – Relieved
Avatar:  Renewed “Who Am I”
***Who is Sylvia
****Child of God, Great wife and mom, educator, agent of change, role model to children and community, legacy builder…Financially Free. “I Love My Life”. The leader people are looking for. I empower others to their greatness. I create my own life.

Passion toward Your Legacy:
Advocate for freedom


Facebook Lives
Monday Mindset
Travel Tuesday
Pinteresting Wednesday
Business Building / Lead Gen Thursday
Q&A Friday – Create multiple lead generation options for Question Askers

Contacting Leads – Facebook – Google email – Email asking for phone number

Create Capture Page for Pinterest Product on blog
Make small changes to headline…

First name is Sylvia

7 Day Commitments:
Improve lead generation and conversions
Change our capture pages

Next week:
Go over Blog

07-13-17 Session #1 of #5


Been in Network Marketing since Sept 2013
Sister-in-law texted opportunity
Had a good run, ended up with 250 people and then Shut Down

Up until NM. Kind of “Drifting along through life”

Daughter is 18yr old
Son is 14yr old

What does Julie want:
In beginning…Money
When Company shut down =Angry
To leave something behind for family
Help people
Was orphan…Wants to help other orphans
To be a person of value
Increase ability to be serve
Bigger more comfortable house
**Big driveway in gated area. Fountain in front. 6 bedrooms. Big atrium. Entertainment room. with Massive Kitchen… Over looking garden with Jacuzzi. Be able to see the kids playing in the back yard. Office for Julie. Man cave for Paul.
Create an amazing life for children. What “I” didn’t have
*Amazing home
*A great family
**What’s missing from home- Drive to want more
$170,000 per month

Why is all of the above so important to Julie?
Looking back on life – It felt as if “Not Wanted” even though that isn’t the truth

Mom passed away at Julie’s age of 25
Dad died at age of 4… (Car accident)
Mom gave up Julie at age of 21 (Julie was 4) to family
*Gave up to Uncle with a family of 18

What Does 5 yrs down the Julie look like?:
Feels good about self and achievements
Loves who she is

What advice would 5 yrs from now give to present Julie?
You are enough
Be the the person God created you to be

Write Letter To Mom…
The day after the letter ~ Go to Mirror and ask yourself “Who Am I” (Take notes after)
What/Who do you stand for…Module #2 in HBSF is the Avatar Section
*Look up that Bible verse for Steve*
Read your daily affirmations morning and night

I am beautiful
I am confident
I love who I am
I impact people in a positive way
I am powerful
I am Enough
I am a child of God – Therefore I am perfect