08-22-17 #24 of #30

Has been busy!
Brought on (2) Associates – paid full price
Has (3) more appointments this week for possible Associates
Went back to doing one on one… More effective
Cruise-One kicking butt… Tracking first $1,000,000 in sales for year!

Intentions for today:
Dialing in on Coaching
Expectations set for associate – Their sales – $300k-$500k in sales in 3-5 years
Expectations set for associate – Time and additional dollar amount per month/week

What they want
*Time Frame

Setting realistic expectation to they’re goals

Build – Facebook

Engagement –

Sell –

Coaching – “How Do You Think?”

Intentions for them each week:
7 Day Goals:


08-04-17 #23 of #30

Been real sick (Last week/canceled webinar)
Had webinar last week. Tamara – Looking to re-connect for coaching
Sales July $70,000+ ~ $10,000 in commissions

Increasing Vision
Book – Patrick Snow
*Completed outline of book & Title
**Need narrative
***Marketing Tool for Associate Program/Coaching/Speaking

Next Session: How To Improve Joe’s Coaching…
In preparing for this call. Come up scenarios

07-20-17 #22 of #30

$18k in one day
Currently up to $24k
Webinar tonight… Goal is 10 people (had 70 people open email for tonight)
Generate 4 new leads this week for Webinar on 7/20

Running ads to Fanpage:
$100 engagement ads to page to get “Likes”
$100 CTA ads to sell page to sell cruise
$100 for webinar
$100 to gain new Likes

Call To Action post webinar. “Email Me”
Add option for Survey For Coaching…

Entrepreneurs 28-40 – reside in home of $200-$500k

Heading to beach for 3 days…tomorrow

How can Joe increase impact?
<My business is is developing into a world class company designed to attract the most qualified talent to reach the goal of providing world class service to tens of thousands of cruise vacationers every year providing value they cannot obtain on their own.

Furthermore, with the addition of of my national best selling book, Traveling The Wright Direction, I plan on impacting millions of lives around the globe, leaving a road map for anyone desiring to live a life by design and purpose with the wisdom to achieve any worthwhile goal they desire in life. I intend to travel the world, speaking to corporations, network marketing companies, schools, and government agencies promoting the book and the wisdom found within.

I can improve my level of impact with every conversation by continuing to work on my leadership skills so I have the ability to solve any problem that any person could give me with some type of solution from within my company. If my company does not have the solution, I have the resources to refer my prospect to someone who has the same level of authenticity and passion to solve their problem.>

Consider ads to¬† etc…

Next week:
Justin-addressed budget for him… Where is she?
Puwana-Verbally in… Where is she?

07-14-17 #21 of #30

Got SICK last week…Hospital on 7/6 Pneumonia
Back to work on 7/11…
Has appointment with prospect?
Did webinar with one person, they left, still blew it up!!!!
**What happened with Great Emails**
Justin-addressed budget for him…
Puwana-Verbally in…
At 91% increase from last year

New Coaching – $2500
(10) Hours of 1 on 1
(1) Year MLSP subscription
Lifetime inner circle texting and email
Set up blog and get it optimized

For next session: Over the next 7 days, analyze what your business is…
How Can I Improve My Level Of Impact With Everything Conversation….

Next session or after that one… Event

7 Day Goals:
Webinar Thursday with 10 people on it
Following up with ad campaign just started today
Sell 5 Disney cruise = $30k in sales

06-30-17 #20 of #30

#1 Jessica, associate: Doing everything Joe teaching. Just closed $8,000 sale = $1,100 commission… With Massive Testimony
#2 Webinar last night. 8 People on with 4 till the end. Gaining more and more confidence
Moving forward with Patrick Snow in September 2017
Hired investment coach as well

Spoke about scaling up webinars. Gotowebinar?
Speaking gigs of the future (near future)

Time to go bigger. No need to wait for anything ūüôā

06-23-17 #19 of #30

Had another webinar last night (7) people on. Even with Technical Difficulties
3 Really good prospects.

Kick started another Ad.
Ready to run with Book!!

25 Training Podcasts (about 20 minutes long)
(15) 1 on 1 calls
Email and text access

For future calls: How can we tap into Steve for all life optimizing?

06-16-17 #18 of #30

Not been sleeping because of excitement
Webinar last night 06-15-17
*Sent out email to list… (1,500)
*8 people showed up for webinar with 5 staying on
*78 minute webinar~Pitch at 60 minutes

Creating coaching program $1,295.00 for up to 20 hours

Spoke with Patrick Snow yesterday.
*Praying on what to do right now.

Email marketing:
Friday: Hey email
Monday: It’s me again…. What do you want to learn email
*With responses: Value email with “by the way…Webinar”
Create Funnel in funnelizer…

06-09-17 #17 of #30

*”Had life knock me down” Internet went down. No techs to come out till 06-12-17
*Working on putting together webinar/training pure value. How to generate leads with Facebook. Attracting an increased market from One on One Coaching
*Call to action for those looking for Joe’s services, outside cruise one? Email me/fill our survey for free consultation

Record (Zoom) Webinar to send to people
Create short lead gen video for facebook with cut up version to drive traffic to.
*first 1/4 to 1/3 of video for just clicking link-‘Want the rest? Click button below and fill out form’
Next Thursday 6/15 – Re-invite 8 leads to new webinar.
Run to Prison Guards and entrepreneurs

06-02-17 #16 of #30

Receiving $70,000 in revenue this week $10k in Commissions
New associate (Jessica) has approx $25k in sales = $2,800 in less than 30 Days
Had conversation with fellow MLSP’er and seems he may come on as associate

Webinar scheduled for Tuesday 6/8/17 ~ 4 people set up so far
Automatic Payments
Jessica testimony

Created Two New Ads For Associate Program
EMP/Black ops/MLSP

Reviewed Ad Copy


05-18-17 #15 of #30

“I’m on Fire!!!”
*New associates with the biggest ‘mindset’ issues. Has created a Facebook page and implementing. She just received her first lead!!!
*Webinar from Tuesday.
**Promoted for $150… added 100 new fans. 45 clicked the link to the capture page. 9 Registered… 4 showed up and 2 stayed on till the end. 1 is ‘blowing up’ Joe’s Phone

Re-addressed ‘paid’ webinar for $27. Refund at the end of webinar.
Formulated a “Yes” Facebook Ad, along with a video/funnel for those that don’t respond or won’t get on the phone.

05-09-17 #14 of #30

Leads slowing – however quality increasing
Setting a webinar for Tuesday 5/16/17
Still very excited
Has created complete program for people.
15 Coaching Calls
Future will do 6 live calls with approx 100 recorded calls
Running ad to¬†Black-Ops, Tachedemics, MLSP, Shopify…For Tuesday Webinar 5/16

Leaving for vacation 05-20-17
No associate ads while gone. Running “Likes” ads. Running “Engagement” ads.
Scheduling posts to Fan Page.

How can this be improved? 
Continue on path of “Multi-attendee” webinars
In this webinar – Shown Cruise-One at $25k Price point.
Send Steve Webinar!

While on Vacation, get rough outline: who to market to and what it’s going to be about

05-02-17 #13 of #30

Sales are up 68% year over year
Been running ad. Generated some leads, however not what expected
Restarted ad to personal FB Page 24 hours ago. Picked up 3 leads so far
FB Page up to 7,600 fans
Once finished running ads to current FB Page… Start running ads to Black-Ops, Tachedemics, MLSP, Shopify

Looking to pick up Momentum again.

Remove the dates from articles
Content idea – Traditional Business vs Home Business vs Franchise

Ad to Facebook Group to Webinar
Paid Webinar

Who do you want to “Speak to”
What message/need does this demographic need to hear?

04-17-17 #12 of #30

Added another associate to program. First of the quarter
Ads not pulling in the same amount. However, leads are more qualified
Moving ads Marianne Williamson crowd.
Targeting those that may have hit or close to Rock Bottom

Target MLSP Fanpage…
Target Shopify, Tachademics, Black-Ops

John Maxwell Coaching for Joe…

Next Session РCopy Writing 

04-06-17 #11 of #30

Running ad for a cruise promotion – Generating Averaging 30 Leads per day – $1 per phone #
Running ad for Associate Program – Generating Total 25 people that ‘raised hand’ w/ 3 interests
Running Likes Ad – $.21 per ‘Like’
Next week will be presentation week
1st New associate had big sales $10,000 (Sheradon)
2nd New associate just finished Cruise One Training
Created training podcast for Associates
Training comes out every 2-3 days (20 minute training)

By end of May – Create equal amount of all of last year
May 20-27th Disney Vacation

Get Testimony from Sheradon…

Gym 5am? till 6ish
6ish get kids up and to school
8ish start work
Check leads and email
9ish Bill projection

03-28-17 #10 of #30

Brought on 3rd Associate! She seems to have what it takes to make it!

Hanging with family over the last few weeks…
Getting caught up on emails to hit the ground running.

Moving forward with (15) leads for $100…

How To Increase Without Increasing Your Time:
Weekly Group masterminds <<— Not Quite Time For Business Yet
Weekly motivational talk
Back to FB Ads…
Spread Sheet:
Income vs Expenses
Record time invested

Speak on John Maxwell – What can this do for Joe

03-10-17 #9 of #30

Celebrated life with wife last night!
Brought in another associate – Approx $3,300 commissions
MLSP Mastery member
Lead generation: Started new “reach” ad, last week. Only generated one lead.
Started a new “engagement” ad, last night. Generated 2 leads already
Increased 400 fans to page… $0.18 per “Like”
So busy right now, can’t keep up. Prosperous! So many leads, can’t keep up.

$45 ad created 120 leads. Closed 7 Leads. Brought in $40,000 revenue – Commissions $5,200

Selling leads to associates.
Get app for phone record 12 calls – (9) Easy sells (3) Resistant sells
(10) leads for $100 Each.
Create Short 20-30 video training the associate on how to call. Affirmation/Meditation

03-02-17 #8 of #30

Been running ad to personal page
Generated (10) Leads for that page. Asking for info for CruiseOne Info
Of that (3) Wanted to next level
(2) webinar appointments for 3/3 and one week of 3/6
Only (1) a non-responsive
Person from past webinar appt. leading to another webinar appt with husband/wife team. this is looking great. Husband supporting wife. Paying up front $3997
Closed $14,000 Cruise
Woke up to 7 new leads this morning $4,000-$10,000 Cruise
February Was Biggest Month in Business in 5 years.
Still running ads to Page for “Likes”

Email Series
Consider “Leads To Survey” Page for Ads
Consider Virtual Assistant

02-23-17 #7 of #30


Went through slides and made adjustments
Had two leads, presented to both.
First seemed interested. Limited contact since
Second was looking for job. However interested in CruiseOne. Got on phone and presented.
Still interested in being Franchisee.
New person already getting leads

Email series
Reviewed Ad

02-14-17 #6 of #30


Business was a bit slow – Allowed Joe to work on Slides
Ran small ad to FB page – created 5 leads – From those, set one appointment for 02-15-17

Spoke about first touch after initial “Like” or “Comment” on Facebook Ad

02-07-17 #5 of #30

$30k in sales this month (Typical)
Closed my first associate deal this morning for $4997!!!
Approx $4697 profit over time

Webinar Creation

Keep In Mind: Future Coaching

01-31-17 #4 of #30

Recording from Today:

Created PowerPoint
Created contract for financing
Waiting on LLC

Reviewed YouTube Ranking / Syndication:
Who Targeting: How to get in travel business.  << KeyWord Research in Google Keyword Adwords Tool

7 Day Re-Commitments:
Pillar Post
YouTube Videos
Keep an eye on laywers
FB Ads: FB Group People… Talk with Steve
Reviewed YouTube Ranking / Syndication:
Who Targeting: How to get in travel business.  << KeyWord Research in Google Keyword Adwords Tool

01-17-17 #3 of #30

Today’s recording

Ran ad in Cruise FB Group
(2) People verbally ready to sign at $4,997
Break down of costs with 3 options
Cash $3,997
Internal Finance $4,997 with 20% down
They finance on their own credit card – Better to go with Cruise One
Attorneys creating Corporation-Waiting to finish up promise

Once new franchisee – 40 hours training course
Create Joseph Wright Course

Create Pillar Post from Norbert

Franchisee Content:
Youtube-C1 review, Franchise with bad credit

14 Day Commitments:
Pillar Post
YouTube Videos
Keep an eye on laywers

When return:
Video Syndication
FB Ads

01-10-17 #2 of #30

Today’s recording:

Vision $40,000
Doing 1/96 sheets
Created Vision
Found out that underestimating value in partnering with Joseph Wright

Cruise One Franchise for 5 years. Stay busy with clients. ($36,000)
Looking to create (12) New Franchise Associates.
Use MLSP to help Franchisees learn to how to market along with Joseph Wright.
Cost to become Franchisee $10,000 for Name. $25,000 inc. the Name and Mktg Budget, tools
Target Market for Cruise One… ¬†Ran $5 ad to fanpage of 4,000 people. Generated (4) Leads.
Phone conversation. Joseph first (Cruise One). Client next.

Create Survey from 6-9 questions…
Create Calendar
Create Time-line of journey with Cruise One.
Credit Card Plan – Numbers in short Powerpoint.
Bump $5 ad to $15

Joe Money

01-03-16 #1 of #30



Looking for L5 in 12mths
Enrolled (7) Mastery 2013 Hit L1, they dropped off… At Square One
Also in Young Living РHas not yet built it? Was distracted with CruiseOne

Main Goal is to Grow MLSP!

Working business Monday – Friday
Up at 5am

Bible/Prayer: 15-20 minutes
Followed by meditating on Prayers 20 minutes
Remainder of time goes to 6:45am with Mindset Audibles (Just finished Secret To Attracting Money by Joe Vitale)
Kids are up approx. 6:45am
Home by 9am

67 total Mastery
34 total Mastery Active
at 10% 670 (pairs) eyeballs on presentation – Typical Cold Market. Approx 2 per day or 3 per day at Monday – Friday.

Currently Doing FB Live and Blogging (80 blog posts and 30+/- FB Lives)
Committed to Sunday Eve – Friday
1/96 Sheet

(Red Primary/ Possible Yellow/Green/Blue mix)

Who are you? What do you stand for? Entrepreneur, Moral/Ethical, Kind
Who do you want to speak to?¬†People who have been burned. Raised vibration of industry…
Passion:¬†Dad passed away. Family. Wife to come home from work. Leaving a Legacy…
L5 is possible? Absolutely…

Head to for header… <<< Hold on this for now…
Who Do You Need Become to Create This Reality?
Topics of focus ‚Äď your target market‚Äôs top 3-4 biggest challenges, problems and pains.
1/96 Sheet
“Failure is not an option”
Choose Strategy…
Prospect: Eyeballs on Presentation 8 this week.
Affirmation (5)