Joe Stukenborg

06-27-17 Strategy Session Broken РSession Part Number 2

Picked up 8-10 new FB Friends
Spoke to Several Others

Why didn’t hit 10 people – Just didn’t do it.
What sort of Joe would hit 10 people – Traits)
**Confident, Conviction, Belief

Trouble sleeping at night…
Maybe eat better
Miracle Morning Bedtime Affirmations

Work Schedule…
in at 6am – 4:30pm

I can’t wait to…

10 things grateful
10 things make happy
Miracle Morning Aff… Talk with Steve Next Day
Write down… your benefits received from MLSP and Network Marketing.
Dr Joe Dispenza – Breaking the Habit of being yourself – On Audible…

06-13-17 Strategy Session Broken – 2 Sessions

Current MLM-None
Just doing MLSP

What are Joe’s intentions from these sessions:
Gain clarity. To get better at what “I’m trying to accomplish”

What does Joe want?
To walk away from $4,500 per month Residual
Never work for anyone again
Not have to ask permission for time off to take daughter when I want
***Daughters are 19 and 15 ~ Wife Angie has (2) Jobs
To be able to accomplish something…

Surface Hold Backs:

Why is Joe not doing what’s necessary:
Doesn’t like prospecting and “Going after people” ~ Feels dirty like Used Car Salesman
Doesn’t feel like a people person
How to change feeling like a Used Car Salesman…

What to do on a free day with Angie: Go out to lunch and be free. <–Feels out of reach

~Lots of things that haven’t accomplished~ Daughters are Alive and Doing Amazing

Creating this environment where people want to join Joe
Take every FB Messenger (with promise) to voice messenger

Continue Facebook Lives
Do Lives around Systems Campaign…

“I am worthy of success”
“I fight for what I deserve”
“I am in full abundance with money”
“Money comes to me freely and frequently”
3x’s before bed and in morning

Speak to 10 people per day with intention of serving…
MLM Groups, Kiyosaki, etc…
“How Can I Bless 10 ¬†People Per Day”