Jim Beyea

11-02-17 #6 of #15


Been spending a lot of time remodeling
Work has been crazy

Intentions for today…
Need some encouragements
Feels stuck in the race

What does Jim have control over?
Not work
Not the traffic
Marriage is great
Working out regularly
Daughter marrying Jim’s new best friend
Had Control Over Destiny…
*Make a decision…
**What decision? Get home and create a list of what needs to be done. Deposition/Remodel…

What do you want your Faith to look like?
Stronger. Have a deeper relationship with God and Bible.
*Get a daily Motivational Bible App
*Set reminder in phone for 5 minutes after get into car… Pray!

What do you want your marriage look like?
Do more. Anniversary is coming up in a few days – 24yrs
*Go to Newport Area (out of town)
*Started about a week ago. Speak beauty into Phyllis

Daughter’s getting married – good

06-15-17 #5 of #15


Finished Funnel in Funnelizer
alled Aweber, got that straight
3 Page funnel…
Populated 3 articles on blog

Jim’s Idea: Turn the MLSP Podcast into blog posts <– Great idea!

Marketing to list: 280-290
3 Blogs per week – send to list
Market eBay Product
**Send out an email asking who wants the eBay Product

Use Instagram Account:
2-4 posts per day – you can 1 per day with relevant hashtags
Follow 100 people per day
Use an app called “Followers” (unfollow 200 people at a time)
Put 15 articles
*(1) article per week with high intention

Use Fiverr.com for Keyword Research

Next session – Cover Image for eBay Product

05-18-17 #4 of #15


Finalized PDF Ebay Giveaway
Create funnel with funnelizer – http://promo10.funnelizer.com/FBB
Aweber is set up with specific list

*Call Aweber and have them turn the “confirmed optin”
*Go into Funnelizer and get the integrations set up
*Upload PDF to dropbox – Generate Link
*Take link from Dropbox and create initial Aweber Email.
*Create Thank You Page with 45-60 second video ending with “If you’d like to see what I’m doing to grow my Home Business, Click below as I Will open my back office……..”
*Create MLSP back office review. With a $10 trial button below video

Facebook Paid Traffic

Create three fast articles – Invite/Objection handling/Closing

Change the Academy link at the Facebook Fanpage to JimBeyea.com 


This is the message we’ll use when running ads, to leads
Hey Melanie

I saw that you responded to my Facebook post. Just curious to know what inspired you reach out to me 🙂

04-13-17 #3 of #15


Finalized PDF
Huge accomplishment

Funnel for PDF to Thank you page. “Hey Jim Beyea here. Thanks for trusting me with your information. I just sent your Fool Proof Business Ebook to your email address. Now would be the time to be sure you entered the correct info. If you didn’t no big deal, just hit the back bar and fill it out again……………………………………”

14 Day Goals:
Finalize Funnel/Pdf/Thank You pages
Come up with (10) Topics for Youtube Videos <— Do Keyword Research on topics.
Use same topics to bring to table for Facebook Lives

Example of back office reviewhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWcXiLrmA7c

Send Steve via email finalized funnel and pdf. We’ll post on FB what you’re doing to get some leads right away

04-06-17 #2 of #15


Created PDF Giveaway

PDF lead to Shopify
Create Affiliate Account

Correct thought process of “What I didn’t do”
Needs to celebrate wins

“Fool Proof Business Builder”
“Grow Your Business Fast With Ebay”
***Make changes to PDF to be congruent with MLM Building market***

7 Day Commitments:
1/96 Sheets
1. Revamp PDF with MLSP offer at bottom – Create video with Jim/MLSP back office review –> Button that allows them to sign up for $9.97 Trial

2. Create Capture page for PDF – Leading to thank you page mentioned below
Write a 30-90 second script for Thank You Video… Per script mentioned on Coaching Call
Take them to “Push Button Below to view mastery”

Recommended Book: Compound Effect – Darren Hardy

03-30-17 #1 of #15


Time Commitments:
1-2 hours per night 5-6 days per week
Wants to:
Build MLM
Personal Development
Create an income to continue with coaching

3 Month Vision:
L2 -> L3 or $500-$750 per month
Current is 2 mastery and 1 university
L2 needs (2) Mastery

6 Month Vision:
Weekly mastermind webinars

12 Month Vision:

Limiting Belief – Confidence, Not smart enough
If didn’t get past this limiting belief… Don’t want to look back and have regret

Build Audience – Engage Audience – Sell Audience
*Who is Jim and what do you stand for: Honesty and Integrity
*Jim’s message and who to serve it to? Someone that may be tech challenged. Either new or those who have been around for a bit that may need help
*Passion: To serve the masses. To be significant
More Female
Age 30-55

Facebook / Instagram
Info-Product? Making Money on Ebay / Social Media Prospecting Scripts


Social Media Prospecting Scripts
First part as SM Ethics
Explained difference platforms (3) FB IG Twitter
What not to do
SM “personal Image” online – Being aware of personal posting, profile and cover picture
What to say when people spam
Where to find people

7 Day Commitments:
Who must you become in order to get what you want?
Create SMPS product (use header from your blog as header to product http://www.jimbeyea.com/)


“I am powerful, I am successful and I am worthy”