Jean-Serge Gagnon

07-12-17 #1 of #5

51 yrs of age

L1 – Show 2-3 people per day… 5 days per week by LTD VIII

First MLM back in ’92-’94
Back to MLM Jan, 2013-
**Why? Son-in-law showed presentation.
***Started going to events. Mindy came to events. Like the culture

Built a company 1988, year 2000 needed financing and couldn’t get it
Worked for company that was bought out by IBM… Victim

What Do You Want…
To be home
To be able to be with family, when wants to. Not when a boss tells me to
Vacations – Big One!
Financially free
Quality time with wife and family
Make Mindy feel like she’s #1 and make her happy
$150,000 per year. or $12,500 per month – 125 Mastery Members in MLSP

Why is the above so important…
Parents didn’t have money growing up
~Dad still complains about $
*Can’t do things right…Always on JS and siblings
~Mom very positive. Made JS feel good about self.

Does JS feel that the above is possible for himself?

JS Feels as though – Over-confident

Feels as if Needs Approval From Mindy…

What Jean-Serge would need to show up in order to make Mindy Feel #1
*Need to talk to Mindy about this

Fear of Loss

Issue with closing: concern with Rejection

Describe JS 3 years from now: 
Stress Free
In control of reactions, feelings and emotions
Accomplished and Happy
Given to the world and helped others
Dipping toes into the debt free zone
Happy Family
What would you ask that JS?
What was your breakthrough?
**I decided to stop worrying about it and moved into action
What would that JS from 3 years from now would say to:
Get off your butt and do what you need to do
Stop worrying about it being perfect


Module #1 in HomeBusinessSuccessFormula
Look inside ACN Comp Plan to see what $150k per year
Mirror Exercise- Who Am I?
Break the Habit of Being Yourself – Dr Joe Dispenza

What does JS Want to accomplish over the next 7 days?
Come up with a plan to go back to Mindy so she can understand what I’m trying to accomplish
Write down 10 things minimum that you love about Mindy
The reasons why you asked her marry you

Steve to Mindy…Same thing
10 things loves about JS
The reasons why Mindy said Yes

If I don’t make the “Change”, what will I Lose?