It Takes Sacrifice for MLM Success

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It Takes Sacrifice for MLM Success

Here’s what you do, you go down the local farm and get yourself a lamb and then…LOL. I’m not talking about that kind of sacrifice. I’m talking about much less important “Short Term” sacrifices, like television, a little sleep and <insert scream here> talking to people.

First sacrifice: Money – Most network marketing companies have a purchase or buy-in of under $500.00. I have heard time and time again “I don’t have that money”. Don’t get me wrong, some people really don’t have the money but for most that say it to me, it’s just a statement made. Meaning, if the flat screen TV went out and there was a big game coming on, they would be out at Best Buy in a second. That being said, we can all make cuts from our budget from here and there for a year or two to solidify our financial future and financial freedom.

Second sacrifice: You have to talk to people – I have heard this one “I don’t know anyone”. I understand that and I said that in the beginning too. Do you there are over 800,000,000 people on Facebook? It’s an easy source to tap into. You can have up to 5,000 friends. I am thinking you can find someone to join and build your business with you. Also, it’s not who you know but ‘who you know that knows other people’

Third Sacrifice: Time. This is a big one and I thought that I didn’t have time either. This is dear to me because it is the biggest excuse I hear. Here’s what you do. Get a sheet of paper and create a grid. Make sure the left column is put the time and over the next 7 columns put Monday, Tuesday, etc… For the rows, put 6am, 7am, 8am, etc…for 24 hours. Now you can see what kind of day you really are having. I found that I was wasting a lot of time in Front of the TV. DVR your shows and watch them later, it’s just the TV. If you want to leave the life you are living now, TV is easy.

Those are just (3) quick and easy sacrifices you can make to bring you closer to the MLM success that you deserve. The best part about all of this, these sacrifices are very short term. I bet, if you are anything like me, you will find out that you don’t mind at all.

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