08-24-17 Session #2 of #6

Found genealogy leads
Stepped down from church – Released some stress
Been cold market prospecting

Hey, my is Isaac Nolden. I hear that you were, at one point, in network marketing. Would you be open to a conversation about some New Technology that measures ECG, EKG, Blood pressure, mood, fatigue, heart rate and includes a panic button?

150 Clients to reach $1,000 per month
Need to speak to 1,200 people (cold market)

Lydiana putting together PDF… Need ASAP

Place “Job Post” Tonight

Review Cold Marketing Course!

08-18-17 Session #1 of #5 30 Minute

Posted on Lydiana’s page – got 7 leads
Went out today and got another lead

Had hard time since Lydiana

Where is Isaac’s Head?
Asked the question “Who Am I”
Concern about finances from Lydiana

Doing Lives:
7 Natural Ways To Have More Energy

FB Ad with image and energy

FB Employment Ad

DMO with exercise: add 20-30 minutes

08-09-17 Session #5 of #5 –  1 hour Session

Reached out to 147 – Spoke to 70 – Received 30 No’s.
17 people received 2 minutes video –
2-3 People that are interested-Woman who is very excited

Follow ups:

Implement Follow Date/Time

Branding Isaac:
Ex-Network Marketers
30-50 Years Old

Isaac’s Skills:
Work ethic
I get stuff done
Ability to empathize with others

Blogging- 3 Articles up so far (Create new give away for Helo)
Facebook Live- (John Maxwell’s – 21 I Laws)
**Mindset Focused**
**Mix in Basic NM Skills**

Real Estate Market – Keller Williams
Instagram Capture Page – Health & Wellness
LinkedIn – Real Estate Market, etc…
Facebook Employment Ads…

Do “Everything” with Intention

08-04-17 Session #4 of #5

Just came back from company event in Sacramento
Had relaunch of company yesterday. Had 27 confirmed with 11 showed up. Online
*No sign ups – However learned something. Being identified as the NM Guy

Going to be doing 90 day blitz…
*20 Decisions per day
Looking to hit up Social Media/Facebook/Cold Market.

7 Day Goals:
Review Cold Market Prospecting in HBSF Hub
100 Presentations
Daily Facebook Lives – Re-Introduce Isaac Nolden

Next Session: Who is Isaac Nolden

07-18-17 Session #3 of #5

Back on with Amy – Starting August 2nd
Called some purchased leads
Has appt today at 5pm
Sold Insurance Policy Yesterday

Having a rough time… Feels as though disappointing Lydiana
Am I sticking to the plan?
I need to be the leader

In military – I outworked everyone else

Verbiage Homework:
Am I sticking to the plan?
How can I make X better

Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself – Dr Joe Dispenza

07-14-17 Session #2 of #5

Going to networking events
**Not closing sales
Call Amy and give her the take away message

Hit Module #1 on Vision… Priority #1

Remember Aunt Cheryl

7 Day Goals:
3 per day

06-29-17 Session #1 of #5

Accomplishments Since Strategy Session:
Added someone into business. Has retina disease
**He’s been a great spiritual enhancement as well
Networking in community ~ Gyms.
Has appt with local Chiropractor
Speaking to / creating at least 2-3 impressions per day
**Waits for opportunity to bring the opp to people
Joined John Maxwell Team


Product is less invasive
HELO has advantage as intro is 1:57
Idea: Introduce product as a benefit for their pain point
Disclosure: There is an income opportunity, but ignore that, it is not for you

Celebrate the completion of goals, whether appt set or not
Important validate peoples busy schedule, ask permission and then go

Curious/ options open/ won’t interfere

Follow the Game you must play by the rules

Celebrate every call

Every call you do is one your competition is not making
Scared to talk to people

If you are anxious you’re putting your own self image in front of blessing others

Take yourself out of the equation

LinkedIn – Only message 3 people at time – Call support

Next Call ~ Meet-ups

05-11-17 Isaac Nolden Strategy Session


Isaac’s Intentions For This Call
Clarity for business
Daily activities
Fruitful activities

Wife is Lydiana

Has comparitits

What does Isaac want?
$150,000 per week
*why $150k per week?
***Be a leader in company. More important a leader in community
***To build on to your church
***Friend in Haiti. On generators. Need to be solar energy, however can’t afford it
***SOS Ministries.
*Foster Care
***Through Ministries, fostering children
*Legacy of Helping/Serving people
***Family is from Prussia…and always in been in some sort of serving.

*Why is this above servant-hood mentality so important?
***Came to Christ at age of 10 years old.
***Had salmonella meningitis at 6mths old died on an elevator. Mystery woman saved him
*****Has fluid on brain.
******* “If I’m not doing something impactful, I’m doing God a dis-service for what He’s done for me”

Daily Activities:
up at 6:30 – text 100 or so people
eat breakfast – reach out to people on Instagram
By afternoon, people start responding
Then Video

Feels as though running at 60%
Not about the money – Given 100% of funds. Not giving 100%

What’s missing?

***Pretty Link

Target Market:
IG ~ Fitness People
LinkedIn ~ Insurance and 2nd Real Estate
Facebook ~ Insurance and 2nd Real Estate

Blog – Further down the road
***Content – Diabetes, weight loss, high blood pressure, etc…

Facebook Live:
***Content – Diabetes, weight loss, high blood pressure, etc…

Daily Activities:
6am Prayer and Meditation
6:30am Drink Big Glass of Water – Social Media Prospecting
7:30am insurance texts, etc…
8:30am Back to Helo Lead Calling
11:00am Help with kids/school
12:30pm Workout
2:00pm Education
2:45pm Facebook Live ~ Strong call to action.
3:15pm Helo Leads
5pm-9pm Insurance Leads (Dinner mixed in)
Mastermind with Lydiana 60 minutes
Create next day 10 minutes tops
Hang with Lydiana
Pray then sleep

By Monday


05-05-17 First Call (Interview)

Insurance sales in Fl

Network marketing company: World Global

Calls to make a day 
100 for Insurance
30 for World Global

Needs $4,500 per month to live off of

Questions: What would it take to hit $4,500 in WG?