Interviewing Your Prospects

When you get a network marketing prospect, it is hard not to jump up and down and have a case of the mouth vomits, LOL.

I know that you have seen that I written about this before. I have given a couple of different suggestions on how to address this. From writing down answers to objections  to meditating prior to the phone call.

Well here I am going to talk about a posturing, without coming across as an overbearing person.

It’s call The Interview.


There are a few of reasons for this.

One: You are positioning yourself as a network marketing leader.

Two: You are separating the fishers from the leaders.

Three: You are making sure the person you are talking is actually someone you want on your team.


Once the person you are talking to shows interest, you can enter the interview process. Here are some questions to help you get the thought  juices flowing.

1.     How are you going to promote yourself and/or the business?

Some will tell you how they will. BUT most will say I don’t know. That’s where you can suggest different ways…People they know, facebook, blogging, etc…

2.     How many hours do they plan on putting in to their network marketing business per week?

Again, most will say, they aren’t sure. You can let them know that part time 1-2 hours per day at 3-5 days per week, depending on how fast they want success.

3.    What sort of commitment are they willing to put into the network marketing business?

Remind them that this is not a get rich quick business. There is no such thing. A home business is something that, if you put in the time, the Business will give you your time back multiple times.


Those are just a few questions to get your started. Remember YOU are in charge and YOU are the one conducting this interview.


Good luck and happy hiring.


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