Internet Marketing, I love it…If done right

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing can be a life saver or a opportunity killer and it has for thousands of people in Network Marketing.

Internet Marketing Goldmine. Yes, Goldmine. There are literally millions and millions of people online, Facebook, myspace, twitter, google+, linkdin, youtube, etc… You will never go through everyone, EVER. If you handle yourself correctly, you CAN become incredibly wealthy. With the above mentioned networking site, you can attract people to you. You can actually have people seeking you out. You connect with people, creating a relationship with them, gaining trust first. Once the person is your friend, it’s cool to share your opportunity with them. Similar to back in the day. Some people walked up to total strangers and pitched them out of the blue and while that technique does work, it is time consuming and you must have a strong will the word “NO”.

Using Facebook, for example: There are somewhere around 800,000,000 people on Facebook.  Again, you will never get through everyone. You MUST create a relationship first. Start with a simple “Hey, saw that you were into fishing, me too. Thought it would be cool to connect” You will know if they are game to new friends from there. Don’t spend too much time on one person. It’s a very simple but incredibly effective strategy.

Internet Marketing

Here’s where I don’t like Internet Marketing. When the above networking sites first came about, people went a little crazy. Those people actually ruined it for a majority of network marketers. SPAM SPAM SPAM. It was nuts, everywhere you looked people were shoving their “Opps” in your face. It was annoying and typically didn’t work. You would get the “You have to see this, it’s the most amazing thing ever to hit the market” email. Oh man, I still get those, LOL.

Internet Marketing has taking the guts and glory out of network marketing. People are afraid to talk face to face, pick up the phone, etc… It’s nuts. YOU WILL BE MORE EFFECTIVE if you take you b*lls out of your purse and step up. Sorry to be so blunt but if you want to be wealthy, you have to talk to people. Something that drives me crazy about Internet Marketing is the total lack of actual speaking time.

Internet Marketing

What I would suggest if you are looking into Internet Marketing, is to get yourself an Internet Marketing tool. I would highly recommend My Lead System Pro. It is a complete branding system that includes, article marketing, Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, face to face marketing, SEO, Keywords, understanding how to speak to people on the phone, youtube marketing, etc… It’s insane. Right now MLSP has a Limited Time $9.95 RISK FREE TRIAL. Understand this, this is not an advertisement for MLSP. I can say that it’s not for everyone, it’s for dedicated people only.

Internet Marketing

My biggest suggestion…Don’t do this on your own. Use something proven, focus on a strategy and you will have success.

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Steve Krivda

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  2. John

    Great post. 2012 is really going to be the year for social media especially with video marketing on YouTube because it’s becoming more of a social networking site due to the recent changes in the YouTube feed with the relationships of friends and subscribers. There is more potential to profit because the videos are more targeted.

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