Inspiration vs Motivation – What Works?

Inspiration vs Motivation
Inspiration vs Motivation


It’s pretty easy to get jazzed up or excited about a project or movement. It’s important to feel that emotion as you are going into your new venture. Is that excitement sustainable? That’s where most have the misconception. Getting fired up is typically short lived…so, why do so many people read self help books and attend events?

We have two different descriptions that we’re going to talk about today.
Inspiration and Motivation

Motivation: The condition of being eager to act or work.
Being Motivated to do something is a great way to get moving in the right direction. Typically you’ll be motivated to take an action, like read a book, learn a new language, take steps to learn a new skill to move you towards your dreams. Typically, being motivated comes from a charge or level of excitement to take an action. In my opinion, this typically will get you through that task and that task only.

Inspiration: A person, place, experience, etc., that makes someone want to do or create something.
Being Inspired is deeper than motivation. When inspiration enters your soul, you are looking at the bigger picture that a single action. Typically inspiration comes from wanting to make a difference in a life, a business venture or the world. When you become inspired to make a difference, you’ll search out avenues to make this a reality. It’s a deep rooted emotion that sticks. Inspiration causes you to create a vision for the future and will motivate you to take action steps to create that reality.

In the Audio Below, I had the honor to speak to a community of entrepreneurs. I tell three stories, including the day I lost my Mom. It is my great hope that these three stories will Inspire to take charge and launch yourself into your greatness!

I put it out on the best way I could. I got pretty emotional in this audio and I appreciate you for spending some time with me today. 

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6 thoughts on “Inspiration vs Motivation – What Works?

  1. Dr. Lisa Thompson

    For me it’s inspiration…motivation is external, but inspiration comes from knowing deep down what you want and playing full out

    Dr. Lisa

  2. Rory Singh

    Being ‘inspired’ is always way more powerful than motivation. Motivation needs to be constantly fed. Inspiration as the late Wayne Dyer put it…means to be ‘In Spirit’ and can never run out. Thanks Steve.

    1. Steve Krivda Post author

      Oh man, yea!! Wayne Dyer was awesome!!

  3. yemisi femi-pius

    Inspiration is from within and it is the inner world that creates the outer world. Thanks fro sharing steve

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