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Grow Your Business With Facebook Videos


One of the most powerful ways to market is with video. You brand yourself, people get to know you and the relationships start building themselves. How would you like to start getting the results you want from your videos on Facebook? Today I’ll show you exactly how to do this and how simple it is, straight from Facebook themselves.

First we’ll identify the elephant in the room, video gives a lot of people anxiety. I put a post together a while ago to get rid of that anxiety, once and for all. It’s here 

Tip 1: Capturing Your Audience’s Attention
In case you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of videos on Facebook right now. You’ve got to stand out. Some colors to help stand out are reds, blues and greens. Activity and voice fluctuations in the video. It’s a good idea to avoid a monotone voice. You have mere seconds to grab someone’s attention. No need to yell however, it’s a good idea to be excitable.  

Facebook EngagementTip 2: Choosing a Thumbnail
Another option that we are given is the ability to chose a thumbnail. As people are scrolling through, your thumbnail is prevalent. Be creative LOL, remember this is about Facebook Engagement. It’s okay to be a little crazy.


Facebook engagement

Tip 3: Call To Action – Three Ways
You may know this but there are quite a few that are creating great content with no way for the interested parties to contact them. A verbal CTA is always important but it’s only one of three ways to do this.

The second is to grab a video app or with software from your computer and add the CTA Link to your video. The third way is to use the CTA button that Facebook provides for you. It comes up as your video ends. Simple and easy.

Facebook has literally given us all the tools that we need to thrive! To build a healthy and successful business. Just have to get into action.
For being here today, I’m going to give you a
90 Minute Tutorial + 77-Page PDF to Easily Set Up Your Facebook Ads

“Because You’re Worth It”
Steve Krivda

Steve Krivda


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