I have my own business, now what?

You have your own home business!!!!

Now what?

First, I understand the excitement and total insanity to get your “opportunity” out there as soon as possible.

You might say: “So how do I do it?”  or  “What direction do I take from here?”

If you are like most new people in the industry, the first thing you do is email blast the entire world, friends, family,

co-workers, church members, mailman, teachers, etc…

I did, the top earners in the industry did it, we all did it at one point. Why not? Reach hundreds of people in minutes, right?

Well, as cool as reaching all those people seems like a good idea, the unfortunate thing is, it typically doesn’t work.

Here’s why.




Unless, you already have a devout group of followers, you are looked upon as a spammer. You haven’t created that respect an

established business owner has. Here’s an example:

Dominoes or Little Ceasar’s moves in next to your supermarket, you get flyers in the mail that they moved in. If you are a fan of one of these pizza joints, you go because they are established.

Now you get the same flyer from Joey John John’s Pizza flyer. Unless they know the business (you) personally, it’s considered junk mail and tossed in the garbage (deleted). Kind of like the email blast. Don’t get me wrong, with this technique, it might work and you may get some stragglers but mostly due to curiosity.



1.  Make that dreaded list that everyone talks about. Why? Because while you are making that list, you are going to think of many other people that you may think would be interested.

2.  “Connect” with people. That means more than “Hey, how have you been? Yea, ahh okay, nice. Let me tell you about my “Business”

You come off as an uncaring, greedy person that doesn’t care about anything but that person’s money.

Remember that this is network Marketing, not hunting haha. Build a rapport with people. Listen to them and be their friend. Because once they join your team, you will have constant contact with this person. Make sure they are someone you want to hang out with.

3.   Keep the blurting of you “opportunity” to a minimum. Let the human spirit of curiosity play it’s course. If you present yourself correctly, people will want to know more. Facebook example to avoid: Come see my business www.MyBusinessIsTheBest.com or something like that. Again, you lost control of power and now any prospect or friend who has seen it, now has the chance to say “NO” without even giving it a chance.

Remember “Curiosity”

Once you get to the point where you are talking about business…BE GENTLE! You don’t want to vomit a 200 chapter novel. Here’s an example for the company I am with. “Hey, I am working with company that promotes gold and silver assets, thought you might be interested. If so, cool, if not, no big deal”. If they are interested in what you have to offer, then use the tools presented by the company and leaders that have been provided to you. Don’t re-invent the wheel. The tools provided are time tested, use them!!!!


Make it fun. This isn’t a job but a side project to make extra money that could replace your job.


“To your legacy”

Steve Krivda



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    This is awesome bro. Great post and the site looks great!!

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      No, thank you Alex—for being the man who helped me create my blog

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