I can’t take it anymore…I QUIT!!!

I’m throwing in the towel, I give up, not doing it anymore….I QUIT!!!!!

Of course, I’m not quitting. BUT doesn’t that sound familiar? I am sure that you have said that one time or another, everyone has. Here’s the important part – It’s whether or not you actually do quit. It doesn’t matter what you are doing: College, The Gym, Network Marketing, etc…

Here’s what I have for you. The next time you are thinking about the terrible FOUR LETTER WORD.



Do this: Go back to when you started whatever journey you are on and do these four things.

  1. Remember Why you started what you are doing…Get a better job, get fit, looking for a better life, getting more time.
  2. Write down what you have been doing for the last weeks, months maybe a year. See what you have been doing.
  3. NOW make a plan of attack. Think about what you have been doing and go for a change. Get a study partner, talk to people at the gym, get a trainer, talk to people that are succeeding in whatever you are trying to do and take notes.
  4. Now you have to do, what some say is the hardest part. EMPLOY THAT PLAN.

For those of you like me, with a short attention span, I put together this video that illustrates what I just wrote…



WHAT YOU WERE DOING: ____________________________________

NEW PLAN OF ATTACK: ____________________________________



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“To your legacy”




Steve Krivda