How To Use Google Keyword Tool

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How To Use Google Keyword Tool

Article Marketing has gained popularity in the recent year or two. It’s a strategy to use if you can be consistent and understand how to get yourself on the front page of Google. There are many different aspects to ranking on the search engines so, to avoid making this article 3 days long, I am going to show you a simple way to use Google Keywords along with a tool that is very popular due to its great features.

Here is the link to Google Keywords, it’s a free tool that shows you how many times that keyword was searched per month and what sort of competition that KW has.

What I look for is a fairly low amount of searches for my KW. Somewhere between 300 and 2,000 searches, with a “Low” competition. I prefer these settings to keep my competition to a minimum. The more searches you see per month will most likely mean that there a quite a few articles on the certain keyword leading me to believe there will be a lot of competition for you.

Once you choose your Keyword, you can go on to write your article.

The competition, I spoke about in the paragraphs above is what will keep you from ranking on the search engines. There is a tool called Market Samurai. There are many uses for Market Samurai but what we are going to focus on is SEO Competition. This is pretty simple…all you have to do is copy the Keyword you chose from Google Keywords and paste it in Market Samurai. Then click on SEO Competition, then click on Generate Results. This will show the competition you will come across, who it is, their ranking and the total number of backlinks directing back to their site, more specifically to their specific link. That is something that Google Keywords tool won’t do. GK may show low competition but if you are competing against 100 sites that are highly ranked, it will be tough. That is what Market Samurai will show you. From there you can continue with your Keyword or rearrange and move on.

I put together a quick video to illustrate what I wrote above as it can be confusing…trust me, I was.

So there you have it. Using tools will help you rank quicker and higher, creating a BIGGER INCOME.

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  1. Eric McGill

    Great post Steve, I am still learing all about keywords and this was definantly informative. Thanks!

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks Eric. If you are writing articles, keep doing your research on keywords. It will help a ton.
      thanks for your feedback. keep rocking it

  2. Henning Smith

    Cool post Steven.

    You might also try keeyword and KeywordDonkey is you want to find more longtail keywords in a more efficient way.



    1. admin Post author

      Great addition Henning. Cheers to you bro

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