How To Use Godaddy | Godaddy Domain Forwarding

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How To Use Godaddy and Godaddy Domain Forwarding

With our teams growing and advertising at an exponential rate, I find questions about affiliate links increasing. What link do you use when posting ads and why doesn’t anyone click on my stuff LOL.



It’s simple: Here are two FAKE examples of links and you let me know which one you would click on.


There’s the difference. All you can tell by the first one is that it looks fishy, especially to the people who may not know you or even to the ones that do know you haha. The second one is a little more smooth looking and conceals the original website.

Godaddy Domain Forwarding.

With the forwarding option from a hosting company like Godaddy, you can do this and it’s quite simple. First thing you need to do is open an account by going to and ‘create account’. Follow the steps, it’s fairly self explanatory. Then you are going to want to type in the domain you want to purchase to make sure it is available. Once you have what you want, you can go to All Products – Account. The Click on LAUNCH Domains. Find the domain your just purchased and click on it. Up close to the top of the page, middle left, you will see the word Forward. Click on that and go to Forward Domain. From there, you just type in the website you would like your new domain to forward to. It’s that easy.

You will see that there is a “Masking” option. That is if you want your website to remain a “Secret” lol. Basically, the domain you purchased will be what the viewer sees in the browser and not your website name.

That’s about it everybody. Pretty easy stuff. Follow the video below for the visual effect.


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