How to talk to professionals


I was asked the other day.

“How would you approach a Real Estate Agent about my business”

I didn’t mind responding to this because Real Estate Agents has a vast amount of skills, know lots of people and know how to talk/connect with people.

I think the answer is going to be simpler than you think.
I will use the example of facebook for communication.

First and foremost, I would HIGHLY recommend reviewing my Facebook Tips

Basically remove most, if not all about your business. This will increase the element of curiosity with your prospect.

Find people of interest and Friend Request them
Once they accept the request, you become their friend.

Thank you “John” for accepting me. Looking forward to getting to know each other. I see that you are in the “Florida” real estate arena, has the economy started looking up for you guys yet? (keeping it positive)
Then, look at their info page and pictures and try to connect with them some how…whether it be religion, politics, a fishing photo etc… Like, “I saw that you have a little girl, I have 2 boys, what a hand full haha, Looking forward to hearing from you”

You are becoming their friend, seriously.

Let them respond to you and they will either tell you how bad it is or how things are improving, either answer is just fine.

Reply with Oh man, that’s a bummer or great to hear things are looking positive again.
(Now here is why you have to make sure your facebook page is Opportunity Free)
So you write Oh man, that’s a bummer or great to hear things are looking positive again. I hope you don’t think i am being to forward but if i could offer you something that may increase your income without interfering with what you are doing now, would you be interested?

Let them respond, they will either say yes or no….it’s that simple.
If they say yes, then and only then do you send you link.

For goodness sakes, don’t go into how great it is or start going over details. Let the tools that your upline/company has provided for you.

MAKE SURE YOU SET AN APPT TO GET BACK WITH THEM with, “How soon can you get to this?”

It’s best to get their phone number. Here’s an excerpt out of Jessica Perretti’s training. Here’s how it goes.

Here’s my number 555-555-5555. Send me yours so I know who is calling and I will make sure I answer.

That’s it. Pretty simple?



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“To your legacy”

Steve Krivda