How to Stop Making Excuses

keepin it realStop Making Excuses

I heard a statement in a song this morning on my daily run. Impossible is the word we use to excuse ourselves from trying to do something that’s difficult. I am amazed at what I used to tell myself to keep from doing what’s uncomfortable. Sit back for a moment and put into perspective what life could be like to quit making excuses for where we are.

I apologize, I got pretty real on my call this morning too. It’s nothing personal and I was definitely in the place, at one point, that I had very valid reasons for not doing what I new I needed to be doing.

In the audio below, I give some pretty specific tips and strategies that can help with getting you to where you want to be and QUICKER!

Stop Making Excuses

Once we stop making excuses and start living with energy…LIFE CHANGES! This was an episode from my Monday Morning Mindset. All sorts of fun recordings are here.

Appreciate you!

“Because You’re Worth It”
Steve Krivda

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3 thoughts on “How to Stop Making Excuses

  1. Julie Syl Kalungi

    Hey Steven I couldn't open the audio. But what I know is we avoid doing the needful because our mind is resisting the action thinking its hard…IF we make sure we do that One thing FIRST THING every morning. No excuses, we are guaranteed to get over that FEAR & Get into gear to receive what we deserve! Targeted Action Is Key! some people take action, but not the right action and then don't see desired results…! Good call you made. I loved the playback!

  2. Alex Bender

    Oh damn, i suffer from excusitis all the time. I know when i stop with the excuses and just take action things just seem to work. my life is better & I'm just a happier person…. I've been making excuses not to blog for quite some time now…. and what has that achieved not bloody much……. thanks for this ass kick Steve – You're Awesome.

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