How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed With Your Business

overwhelmed4Wonder how to stop feeling overwhelmed?

Facebook PPC, YouTube /marketing, Instagram, Prospecting, Content Creation, Mindset Training, Webinars, Follow Ups…Arrgghhhh I talk to people all the time that tell me that they feel overwhelmed. It’s cool, I hear ya, there’s lots of stuff. Who has the time to run a whole notha business in addition to a full time job and family? What we will do to ourselves is look at ALL THE TASKS for the day and see it all in one giant ball or WORK. Thinking that you don’t have to time to get all done and tomorrow will be a fresh start. We all know how that works out LOL

In the video below I talk about compartmentalizing the daily tasks into time blocks.

You can make time for anything that you want. If you want it bad enough, you’ll make time.

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“Because You’re Worth It”
Steve Krivda

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6 thoughts on “How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed With Your Business

  1. Daneece Romine Hernandez

    Great post Steven! When you break it down into 20-25 minute blocks of time it's easier to see how doable working a business really is. Most of us waste more than that amount of time taking a break to scroll our Facebook newsfeed. 🙂

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