How to Recruit MLM Leaders (Don’t be mad)

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How to Recruit MLM Leaders

In network marketing or multi-level marketing, we talk about getting two people, who get two people, etc… In a perfect world that would work every single time. We would all have 8,000 people in our downlines and be sitting pretty. When I am telling people on my team and new recruits that it’s not who YOU know but who the PEOPLE who you know, know. Make sense?

MLM Leaders and Recruiting

In order to attract MLM leaders, you must act like one. I have told people this before and it freaked them out LOL. It’s not hard, in fact, it’s quite easy. Here are a couple of steps that will get you… moving in the right direction.

  1. Provide value. Arrgh. Don’t freak out, providing value is quite simple. You can get it from all over the place from other’s blogs, video, you can use free training course, etc… Basically read it, listen or watch it and turn it back to your own words.
  2. Be positive both online and offline. There is tons of social media to post to and no leader will read or be part of a negative posts. Affirmations, quotes, good things you are going, personal stuff or whatever you feel comfortable with.

Attracting MLM Leaders

When you are attempting to attract a certain type of person, you must act like them or mirror their type or personality. If you want to attract leaders, act like and be one. What you do in network marketing and in life and how you act is wh

at you are going to attract. Being positive and upbeat will bring a certain type of person and being negative will attract negative people. It’s a vibration that you will put off. We can control the people that will want to be around us by the type of vibration we put off.

Go out and be an MLM leader “by choice” and they will come.

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