How To Overcome Rejection in Your MLM With These Three Points

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How To Overcome Rejection in Your MLM With These Three Points

Being rejected is something that we all have to deal with at least once LOL. We are programmed that way. As children/toddlers, we try to do cool stuff to get our parents attention. Sometimes it’s bad stuff but, we are trying to get attention nonetheless. When our parents didn’t listen or give us the attention, it made us sad because we feel  rejected. Some of us out grow it but, for most of the world, we don’t. We like to be accepted by our peers, it makes us feel good. Check it out, I put together these 3 points that may help.

Point #1: It’s not all about you. When you present someone your MLM and they turn their nose up or give you grief, it’s not you that is getting rejected, it’s your business. Network marketing isn’t for everyone. For example: Believe it or not, not everyone likes pizza. It doesn’t mean people go around beating up delivery guys. It just means that they don’t like pizza and don’t eat it. When you hear a “NO”, have confidence and move on…it’s really not that big of a deal. There are over 8 Billion people on the planet, you will find someone haha.

Point #2: Adjust your attitude. Be confident in what you are talking about. You joined your current for a reason. Not because, there’s a chance that it will work but because you know it will. Project that into the conversation and your confidence will show that person that you are in charge of you and your business and they will want to be part of you. If they don’t come on to your team, then it’s okay and this is why. By positioning yourself as the dominant person, you are changing your entire demeanor and how you feel. It WILL feel good and your reaction to a rejection will slowly disappear.

Point #3: Continue taking action. Once you stop your mind from moving forward, you let those negative thoughts take over. To steal a quote from my good friend Ray Higdon, “If I have the ability to say whoa is me, that shows the abundance of inactivity.” That is very powerful stuff right there. If you are in constant motion, moving towards your goal, you will become unstoppable. If you are talking to one person a week, the probably of rejection is high. If you talk to many many people a week, your probability of rejection decreases. AND I TELL YOU THIS…that one Yes will outweigh a hundred “NO’s” any day.

Remember it’s not you, you are awesome for taking control of your life and looking to make a difference in your life and the people around you. Go out with confidence. Not everyone is going to realize your dreams of financial freedom and that’s okay. Once you realize that this is not about you and that you can do anything that you put your mind to, you will be UNSTOPPABLE!

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