How To Maximize Your Company Event

How To Maximize Your Company Event
Maximize Your Company Event


You already know that events in our industry are awesome. For a lot of people, it’s a family reunion, friends getting together and partying it up. I will say, that it’s awesome getting with my buds a few times a year.
Have you ever walked away from an event and felt like you missed out on something? You heard someone received some covert information that you somehow missed? The 10 Tips below, are going to equip you with everything you need to get Everything Out Of Your Next Event.


  1. Get Uncomfortable! When you see the Leaders and Top Earners from your company, be sure to walk to them and meet them. Get a picture. This is your time with them. They are real people and started in the same place that you are now.
    I want you to try something here. Start saying to yourself “I belong here”. Be the leader you know you are destined to be. By elevated your self-talk, you whole being is elevated.
    Talk to EVERYONE and Get Pictures!
  2. Network with everyone. You never know where each relationship will lead you. Get a minimum of 10 Names/Numbers before the end of the event. With the intention of creating a relationship. Let that leadership lead you to where it does.
  3. Quick 20-30 second videos from the leaders. If they are not consumed with the event, they will do it. Most, if not all the leaders are humble. These are terrific and amazing for your marketing!
    Never ask a top leader for a testimony, if they don’t know who you are. Only ask, if you have already built rapport.
    Instead, give the leader props. “Hey ‘leader’, I went through your X product, it has changed my marketing, life, business, marriage…Mind if I get a picture”
    Or if you have gone through a product. Ask if you can talk about the product and your results. Get a video about this with the Creator Of The Product.
  4. Be aware of your drinking. I know I sound like a party pooper here, however, you are here for a reason. That reason is to create a lifetime legacy for yourself.
    You don’t want to regret anything and though alcohol is creator of fun, it’s also a dream crusher. Attempt to keep it to a 2 drink minimum. Trust me from my own past experiences.
  5. Get Your team together. This is a self-explanatory. They are there for the value of the event and hopefully there to meet you too. Hang out and create that relationship.
  6. If a negative person around. Just get up and walk away. Don’t feed into negativity. It can hurt your attitude. There are too many people that are there and ready to “Start Their Life”
  7. Leave everything you Think you know, at the door. Be open and ready to receive the information in a big way. We all have an education prior to events. However, imagine if you heard something you know, explained a different way and it flipped that switch and took you the 6 figure realm or from 6 to 7 figures…This is about you!
  8. Don’t go to sleep until everyone else is asleep. I’m not going against #4. I’m talking about YOU hanging out with the leaders. It can be within ear’s shot, waiting for your shot to come into the conversation. The later it gets, the looser the leaders may get with information, from fatigue LOL.
  9. Last but not least! Play Full Out. Be present. Decisions are made at events. If you decide. The ball is now in your court.
  10. I really don’t want to say this but BE ON TIME! That is all. What do you want? Sleep or a transformation that will enhance your life forever!

Bonus Time: Do a webinar with what you learned from the event. Top 5 Things I Learned from a 7 Figure Earner. Boom! Market that and become a Rockstar by Association! Imagine if you put this webinar together and presented the idea to the Leader you’re speaking about and they came on the webinar with you? Giggidi Giggidi!

I’ve seen and heard the biggest of the big, tell their story from an event that changed their life. Events are no joke. You meet who you are in the future. You see what you are about to become. You see what’s possible and you will be equipped to WIN! All you have to do from there is get into action!
Be Accountable.

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“The Authentic Marketer”
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