How To Increase Recruiting In Your MLM

How To Increase Recruiting In Your MLM

Increase your recruiting by using this one simple strategy. There are so many strategies running around the internet today but there is one sure way to increase your recruits and maintain them. This is going to be short and to the point.

First thing I want touch upon is how you can destroy your team and your income in no time flat. Right now there are more people joining network marketing companies than ever before. It really is the wave of the future and network marketing will create more millionaires IMO, than ever before. Here’s the issue with that. Since there are so many people that are diving into network marketing, there are going to be more people than ever that will take advantage or others. It’s frustrating to see.  I have written an article about looking at your friends as dollar signs. I wrote that to make a point, that being, you don’t sign people up just to make a buck. You sign people to help them to create an income for themselves. These people I call sign and drops. Basically, you sign under them and you don’t hear from them again. Boooo to them!

So how to Increase Recruiting In Your MLM

Here’s the secret, are you ready? It’s crazy!! Be cool to people. Anyone that knows me, knows that is my motto. Being cool to people will increase your following way more than just being a good recruiter. You see, people gravitate towards those that help others. They want to be like YOU and they will Pay It Forward to others. Your team will grow and grow and grow. You will start to recruit more people at a faster rate because others will see what sort of leader you are and how you are handling your team.  Here is a typical example: I recently signed 3 people that I just kept in contact with over the past 2-3 months, keeping up with their lives and BEING COOL TO THEM. You have to be genuine with people. That being said, as your team grows it will be difficult to keep up with everyone but there isn’t a reason to ignore.

Increase Recruiting by Being Cool

Check out this video I put together about being cool to people in a few situations.

Now that you know being cool and genuine with people will help increase your team and numbers, you are going to need some training to increase what VALUE you are going to provide your team. You are going to need a System that will show you how to be a leader, whether you have been in Network Marketing for 1 week or 1 year.

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