How To Host Home Parties

How To Host Home Parties.

Having a Home Based Business is pretty awesome. Promoting, meeting cool people, being introduced into a new world and MAKING MONEY. You talk to people on Facebook, family functions and with your friends. So, what’s up with these Home Parties? You see pictures of them on Facebook, everyone seems to be having a great time and of course listening to the speaker LOL.

Why Host Home Parties

Look, I understand, hosting a home party can be a pretty intimidating deal. You are inviting your peers to your home, some people you know and some people you don’t know. You think everything has to be perfect. “What if people look at my house and judge me”  “Why would someone want to join a business that can only afford someone a house like this” Let me first say BULL POOP, anyone who thinks this way doesn’t deserve to be in your business. Secondly, who cares? You are showing people that you are a real person with real bills and a real life. You are JUST LIKE THEM, working your way up through and out of the RAT RACE.

Here are some tips on How To Host Home Parties.

First, chill. While this may be a social gathering, it is still a business meeting. Treat it like one. Have a sign in sheet at the front door with a place for people to sign in and write down who invited them.

There is no need to have a whole spread of food out. If you want to go all out, have some water bottles and some veggies/ranch dressing or something and here’s why. When people do join your business, they will think they have to do the same thing. Keep it simple and duplicatable.

Getting People To Come To Your Home Parties.

This is a bit easier than you would think. Invite as many people as you possibly can. Start with “What are you doing Thursday Night” When they say nothing, let them know that you are having a get together at your house to discuss “Weight Loss” “Gold and Silver” and how to make money with it/them. It’s at 7pm, I’ll see you there, right? When they agree, have them pick something up…ice, crackers, water, chips, whatever, tell them you will pay them back when they get there. This obligates them to come J It’s always fun to have give away games too. I like to have a raffle and give away a Silver MS70 Govt Mint Coin. Here’s something important, call people the night before or the day of to confirm that they are coming and they are bringing what they said. HECK, even pick them up.

Your Host is Very Important When You Host Home Parties.

Give them props for taking time out of their day and doing this party at your house. When introducing them, talk about their accolades, what they have done with the company and maybe where they came from in life. Nothing gives more merit than one giving another a compliment in front of a crowd.

What if nobody shows up? Haha, this has happened to all of us at one time or another. Don’t worry about it, you broke you empty party cherry. It’s not that big of a deal. This is the cool part. Even if nobody showed up, call the people didn’t show and tell them “Hey, sorry you couldn’t make it last night, I was looking forward to hanging out, had a blast. It’s cool though, I was only looking for people that are serious about making money. I just called to make sure you were okay” That’s not being rude, you got stood up. Don’t be mean, just matter of fact. Most people will want to know more about this meeting and that is when you can send them your presentation online.

If you don’t have a host, you can use the ideas I have in this old article I wrote…

If you host home parties, your chance of moving up the chain in your home based business increases significantly. Your home team has somewhere to go, you are the cool person who has parties all the time and it’s just downright fun.

Happy partying.

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