How to handle that Inquiry

Someone asked me about my business…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH



If you are a rookie and aren’t sure

how to handle someone asking you

well, anything about you, your family

or your business, you word vomit.



It’s cool, we all do it. Geez, even the top 6 and 7 figure earners have done it. You can picture it, at Starbucks or at Calistoga…someone asks you what you do. AND BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Out it comes, a 30 minute presentation haha. Or you get an email from someone asking what you have been up to, you respond. “Here’s my website” check it out and join me, you’ll be rich with me.

There is a remedy for this and you will kick yourself. Here it is…

Answer the question. When they ask what you have been up to, don’t automatically assume they are asking about your business. For crying out loud, tell them what you have been doing with your time. Heck, even tell them about your family.

Now if someone asks you about your business, it’s okay to be a bit vague. For instance, in my company when someone asks me what I am doing for my business, I tell them that I work with Gold and Silver Govt Coins. You see what I did, I gave them enough to be curious. If they want to know more, they ask, if not, I don’t have to waste any of my time or theirs. It works for any business you are doing…juice, furniture, cleaning supplies, etc… The point here is to NOT blurt out everything you know about your business until the person you are talking to is ready.

Same goes with an “Opt-in”. Now remember, this is only if I they haven’t given a phone number. Though my company has autoresponder emails, I always respond with a personal email from ME, as much as I can. I thank them for visiting my site, ask them if they have any questions. I typically don’t mention calling them at this point, simply because they didn’t put their number in. They may, either be intimidated or are a skeptic. That’s okay, you have to gain trust.

IF the person has entered their phone number, this is no different then the Starbucks example above. Introduce yourself, ask them how they are doing. Let them know that you just sent them an email and when they are able to look at the information. You would like to set an appt to call them back. Again, if they ask you what it is about…STAY CALM and let the tools of the business do the talking for you. You WILL get over excited and talk too much. Refer them to the information you just emailed them. Tell them that you don’t want leave anything out. Then, let them know that you are in the process of calling the your list of people back. You appear busy with your business and they will respect that. This initial contact shouldn’t last longer than 5 minutes.

You got off the phone in a respectful manner and didn’t Word Vomit all over your prospects face. I know what you’re thinking “Why didn’t I think of that”

We all said the same thing. Stay tuned for the “The Follow Up Call”


If you have an opinion, feel free to leave it.

“To your legacy”

Steve Krivda


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