How To Do A Webinar and What To Say

What To Say and How To Do A Webinar
How To Do A Webinar


You have a voice and a message that you want to get out to your list, your fans or maybe your associates in your own business. There are a variety of different reasons you would justify NOT putting on a webinar. To be honest, I did this to myself for quite a long time. Here’s the truth, by holding back, keeping all that knowledge you to yourself is selfish. There is someone out there right now, waiting to hear you. Not knowing how to do a webinar is also short changing you from impacting and inspiring others.

Man, sorry about that. I got a little carried away. That wasn’t meant to sound as pointed as it reads. It comes from the heart and being someone that used to procrastinate about getting my message out, it needed to be said. in all honesty, it was said to me about 3 years ago. It stung a little but message received.

Enough of all that, let’s get to the meat. I’m going to keep this simple.

Pick a topic. If you don’t know a topic, ask your audience. They’ll be more than happy to let you know what they want to be trained on. Once you have your topic, do some research on it and grab 10-15 tips you can elaborate on.

Create a tagline. Learn how to generate leads. That might not be the best. You’ll want to consider what your audience would gravitate to. Think about where most of society is. Generate Leads in 10-15 Minutes Per Day on a Budget.  10 Ways to Travel Like A Rockstar on Your Current Budget. Lose 10 Pounds Without Going To The Gym.
Most of society today are skittish on spending money and they don’t want to give up anymore of their time. If you need help with your tagline, my email address is below, reach out to me.

Enter with your story. People will want to know a little about you and where you came from. Make the About You section of your webinar relatable. Be vulnerable. The more people identify with you, the more they are apt to listen to you.

Ask an “Imagine” or “What would your business look like” question. You want to get your viewer thinking about possibilities. Moving into the realm of thinking Big. “Imagine if you had 6-13 leads coming in every day” “What would your business look like if you could grow your team by 2-3 new reps each week”

Testimonies. If you have testimonies, it’s a good idea to sprinkle them in throughout the presentation. Save one or two for the end. 
These testimonies could be on your product, service or opportunity. If you don’t have a testimony, talk to me and I’ll show you a way around it and remain in integrity.

Get into the Meat. Keep in mind, your testimonies. It’s recommended that you have bullet points for slides. If you write everything down on your slides, your viewers will read what you’re saying and stop paying attention to your voice. They could miss something crucial. Keep bullet points and read from your notes on the side of your computer.

Selling. If you are selling something at the end of your webinar, elude to “Your Course”. You can even mention that you have a course that you’re going offer at the end. Big thing here is this, you don’t want it to be a surprise. Just be aware of the resistance people may have. 

Value. It’s a good idea to ask if your audience is getting value, somewhere in the middle of the presentation. You get a breather and your viewers get a chance to say “Yes, I am getting value”

Call to Action. There should always be a CTA at the end of any webinar. Whether it’s a forward to another webinar, in which you plan on selling something on or a sale. You are doing a disservice to your audience by NOT giving them an opportunity to work with you.

More Testimonials. Get more testimonials from this webinar for future promotion and future webinars.

Bonus Training. If you sold something on your webinar, be sure to place the recording behind a capture page to gather more leads and sales from the people who weren’t on the live version. Use the testimonials stated in the above bullet point to create this sales funnel.

There you have it, from start to finish. Hope you got value from this. If you’d like to go further and peak at a 31:32 minute tutorial and the opportunity to get your hands on some done for you webinars, go right on over to

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