How To Build Network Marketing Locally

Build network marketingBuild Network Marketing Locally

Fee like building your business locally is am impossible task? I did as well, in fact I went completely online to build. Let me be clear, I love online marketing. The ability to reach out across the country or world is pretty darn cool. However, knowing how to build network marketing locally can be just as powerful.

Typically, most avoid talking to people that they for two reasons. They are confident in what they’re doing or they aren’t quite sure how to do it. In the video below, I lay out a quick and simple system to follow that anyone can duplicate.

Pretty simple stuff. Building a list is easy. If left to our own devices, we will discount some people that may be looking for what you have, praying for something and waiting for you to talk to you them. 

“Because You’re Worth It”
Steve Krivda

Steve Krivda








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4 thoughts on “How To Build Network Marketing Locally

  1. Elizabeth A English

    I agree Steve you really need to build your list locally, my only problem is I live in a very small country town that no one has ever heard of. I have written down all of your tips, and I am going to try it on a few people and see if it works for me. I will let you know.

  2. Greg S.

    Great post Steve

    I believe people should build a local group as well because they can tell that you are a real person ASAP and not wait till an event.

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